Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mozilla Firefox 2

The new version of FireFox (v2.0) is out.


Yazeed said...

opera oo bas

The Criticizer said...

I will take your advice and "test drive" Opera. There's only you to blame if it's not pleasing so be ready. :P

*goes to d/l Opera*

YaSS** said...

uummm... i use safari... wich one is the best??

The Criticizer said...

yass**: I prefer Safari overall because it is fast, has small and simple taps and best of all it has a Bookmark Bar which really comes in handy for quick linking. All that doesn't degrade FireFox nor Opera. FireFox is simple and has a great advantage of being able to run sites such as Watani Online (secure banking), it also does a great job in blocking pop-ups although sometimes it goes crazy blocking EVERY single window. I like the layout of Opera but it loads a little bit slower than both Safari and FireFox (to me that is, don't know about other users).

So yeah, I prefer Safari overall, FireFox comes second and Opera comes third. There's no place for the sh!tty new Internet Explorer 7 even if there was a version for Mac.

YaSS** said...

Internet Explorer...haha that for sure.. enzein... one thing tht is really weird wid Safari... actually i cant figure out if its bcuz of safari (most probably) or Mac itself.. but my hotmail inbox just wont open... ?
And btw thanx for the reply ;) the was fast :D

The Criticizer said...

yass**: That happened to me once and I'm quite sure it's one of two things; there was a version update for OS X (I think it was 10.4.6) with another Security Update. When I had that update I couldn't open hotmail using Safari so make sure your OS X is up-to-date.

Another thing might help you get over this problem but note that if you do it you'll loose your browsing history. Start Safari, click Safari on the menubar and select "Reset Safari". Everything will be cleaned and Safari will be refreshed. Check if you can log in your hotmail account after that.

-- No probs on the fast reply(s) and Good luck! ;)