Thursday, October 19, 2006

DeLorean Mac Mini

This guy has started his own project of fitting Mac Mini into his DeLorean. The idea may not be well executed like the iMac G5 on Mercedes-Benz CLS [link] though fitting a computer into your car can be categorized under "cool stuff to do with your car", not to mention if that computer is a Mac.

Oddly enough, modifying a car like a DeLorean won't let you go Back to the Future but it sure does satisfy alot of needs when you know what to do with it and how to do it. :P


FaYoora said...

lol! Back to the Past car?
Chinha those Time Machines thingy :P
and with a maC? foga ! lol

The Criticizer said...

Yepp, that car was featured in the Back to the Future movie trilogy where it was a time machine project! Now image what it would be with a Mac. A whole entertainment center. :P

FaYoora said...

eehh thats why ive said that then;P
ive watched the movie hehe