Friday, October 13, 2006

Gone Illegal | CHAPARRAL

Thanks to a friend of mine, I got a anonymous cellphone number for some satellite technician who hooked me up with a fake Chaparral Communication (VN-8000FS) receiver. I knew about this before but I wanted the prices to drop since everybody went crazy buying these receivers for World Cup 2006, now I got this one for KD80 + KD30 for new LNBs, wiring and installing.

Now it's running with 1500+ channels including Jazeera +1 & +2, all ART sport package, The Movie Channel 1, 2 & MovieTime and more than I could ask for but there's a down side... since it's a fake receiver made in Korea, it lags a lot and sometimes freezes and needs to reboot. It also has to be connected to the internet through LAN cable therefore if you don't have a DSL account then you should consider one before buying this receiver.

The only thing I need now is to know from where and how to keep updating the system file and keys so that all channels remain open at all times.

Satisfied? Yes.
Feeling guilty? No. :P




Yazeed said...


The Criticizer said...

*evil laugh* BwaHaha!! xD

3baid said...

Does it need to be updated every few months or so?

The Criticizer said...

Yes but it depends; some channels change encryption every month, others work for several years so you don't have to update it on monthly basis as long as you have all the channels you want running.

There are two menu functions for updates and one of which is the system updater. Up-2-date system can open some encrypted channels by itself while the other menu function (Key Manager) lets you update each network card separately like Viaccess, Irdeto...etc. each on its own.

KJ said...

I (used to) have around 3 different receivers, but I only watch Dubai One and MBC4. If I am to spend time with the TV I better be doing it videogaming ;)

The Criticizer said...

One receiver, all channels unlocked. That's the only reason I'd buy a receiver. Too bad they caught the server of this one a few months ago. :/

Hamza said...

I am reporting you to the authorities :P

The Criticizer said...

Not yet, wait for my next post. :P