Saturday, October 28, 2006

Menufela | This one's for 3baid

This post is dedicated to 3baid

Not long ago I had posted about "Menufela being shareware" and ever since it stopped working I was looking everywhere for any -illegal- method to make it work again but I couldn't find any. So out of curiosity I started to mess with the program hoping to come out with something. Ironically, don't know whether anyone else knows about this or not, I did find a decent crack to keep the program running although you'd have to do it every time you restart your Mac but it's not a big deal, right?!

Anyway... Here's how to do it:-

  1. Download Pref Setter.

  2. Using Spotlight, search for "Menufela".

  3. Look for the file:-
    (also can be found under /Users/*ur username*/Library/Preferences)

  4. Open that file using Pref Setter.

  5. Change the "hide menu" option/key by double-clicking on its value "false" to change it to "true".

  6. Click "File > Save" on Pref Setter's menubar.

  7. -- The menubar should be hidden when you reach here --

Note that if you restart your Mac or open your System Preferences and click on Menufela pane icon everything you did will be lost therefore you'll have to do it again starting from #2.

Update: To make these changes permanent:-
- [options + i] @ is.ninjakitten.menufela.plist

- Change "Ownership & Permissions" to "Read Only".

- Tick on the "Locked" box under "General".

So there you go, back to minimalistic desktops.

I don't think this qualifies me to be a hacker, no? ;P


Anonymous said...

I am a PC user and crack programs all the time, but I don't brag about that on my blog!

The Criticizer said...

Since when did sharing become bragging? :|

Go crack a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

Crack one for me too;P

I Love that car ..
did you do the Graphics?

The Criticizer said...

Heh, I just realized how mean that was. :P

No I did not. If only I can get used to freakin' Illustrator I know I would manage to do such stuff. Enshallah with the course I'm taking there will be 20+20 hours for Illustrator alone.

Anonymous said...

BitawFeeeQ ;P

The Criticizer said...

Thanks! =)

3baid said...

Thanks The Criticizer, but I was hoping for something more permanent? :/

The Criticizer said...

Sorry 3baid, I wish I know. :/

I hope you find this useful until my brain starts to function as good once again.

Anonymous said...

mmm no, it doesn't worked for me )-:

Alex said...

it doesn't seem to work anymore
[At least not for me]

Would you happen to know why?

minimums said...

Here's a torrent with the license: