Tuesday, October 17, 2006

+965 *b!tch from hell*

If SHE really enjoys bothering people by randomly calling them and sending messages, show HER how it feels when you get bothered by anonymous numbers.

The owner of that number thinks she can get away with her "not registered" number by calling random people and hunting down some guys. I have a friend working for MTC who told me that number is not registered and was activated three days ago since its first call had been sent out.

Call me mean for blogging and spreading it world wide but I've had it with her calling me and sending messages. Besides, I'm experimenting the power of blogging with this precise post.

PS: I regret doing this but she left me no options.

EDIT: Looks like what I wanted took action in a matter of minutes (like half of the UNIVERSE were calling her!) and she already have suffered because she has cantacted me begging to keep them away. Although she deserves it, I felt guilty for what I've done to her because after long thinking I know how bad this will affect on her.

If you still have the number please DELETE/FORGET about it and refrain from calling her anymore.

Thanks to whoever took action in this operation.

PS#2: It's amazing how the internet works!


Fonzy said...

lol... i already feel sorry for her! but i dont blame u, people like this deserve such treatment... do unto her as she does unto u ;)

Amola said...

you want us to turn her life to night mirrors?

sure we can do it =D

i'll call her with my 2 mobiles at the same time hahaha

Yazeed said...


miskeen imbayen innha thab7itick:P

Frankom said...

:: I will call her bas ba3d el f6oor ... humm :>

Anonymous said...

really 3eeb 3leek
not a gentelman's behavior, la tnzel le hal mstwa 7ta lo kant ehe wa6ya

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

your friend should've known this: if a line is not registered with MTC yet is activated, any MTC employee can deactivate the line immediatley. It's within their policy. Thus, the person will have to come personaly to MTC and register the number. That would be a much better approach in dealing with this situation.

Anonymous said...

number is not registered
hows that?

CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said...

she is sick!

Delicately Realistic said...

Kind of harsh.
Actually tistahil.
But u shouldnt stoop to her level if u know what i mean.
But i know how u feel, i used to get calls from iraq and they really really really bothered me to a point that i was going crazy....they dont call as often now since mara i picked up o i shouted at the guy.
Its worse when ur expecting a call from someone and they keep calling!

Adorra said...

I don't get it :|

The Criticizer said...


fonzy: Don't feel sorry for that kind of human garbage.

amole: Easy girl, thanks for the backup but she already suffered. No need to do that anymore. ;P

yazeed: You know what really got onto my nerves? She calls, when I answer she hangs up, and when I call back she closes hangs up as well! Damned beyotch didn't say a word until I SMSed her saying that her number went international. ;P

frankom: Thanks for the backup but no need for that now. She gave up already.

anonymous: You're absolutely right. I do regret what I've done but that was in a moment of rage. I'll sacrifice a deer soon. ;P

Shopaholic Q8eya: My friend is a trainee so I don't think he knows this yet but thanks for the hint anyways.

anonymous (#2): It's a new number probably bought from Jam3iya Al-Jahara. =/

CyberRowdy: She got what she deserves.

Delicately Realistic: I know what I did was wrong but I did it in a moment of rage since the last time she called was when I was surfing around the net so the idea came out of nowhere. I do feel bad about what I've done though.

adorra: You can find the whole story in the off-topic board, Peach.

Amola said...

so glad that you changed your mind ...

BTW i didnt call her ^_^

Delicately Realistic said...


The Criticizer said...

amola: Good.

Delicately Realistic: Keep loling.