Monday, October 16, 2006

Looking for low beds | Any recommendations?

I'll be redecorating my room soon and currently looking for a low bed instead of my @#$%-ing high bed. I'm talking something like THIS which means it should be exteremly "slammed" to the ground and not less than 200x180cm. I have checked BoConcept, the ONE, IDdesign, IKEA, Safat Al-Ghanim and some other stores at Sun City. I have found a couple of good beds although some are pretty expensive while others lack to quality; I am willing to go up to 500KD if it's really worth it. I was about to get one from the ONE but unfortunately it was out of stock and there won't be any other shipments.

So, if you have any recommendations whether on the net or out there somewhere, please let me know.


Extinct-Dodo said...

thats effing sexy

LaiaLy_q8 said...

1. buy any bed you like

2. cut off the legs

3. add books to the bottom to act as legs :p

Yazeed said...

i remember seeing one and almost buying it
but that was a year and a half ago :P

the place was owned by al sayer, i forgot its name, its in al rai facing the 5th ring road. next to midas i think
i remember they had like 2 or 3 different low beds
i was interested in one, but then i though about waking up and the extra effort i need to stand :P

Jacqui said...

Guess WHAT! Today is your Lucky day!

As it happens last weekend I went out to Eureka in Shuwaikh area, it's in that building called "Life Center" Where Midas is also housed. I went into Midas and was browsing and as it happens I saw that exact same bedroom concept, well not same bedroom but the concept itself there. It is amazing and I gather that the price tag is around 500-800KD but I didn't check. You should go there and check it out.

It's basically similar to theONE yet more reasonably priced. I recently purchased a bedroom from there when I re-made my entire bedroom. However all bedrooms don't come with any closets, so you have to find an alternative to that, I had pappa build me a semi-closet. I can point you out to my post with pictures of my re-made bedroom.

Hope I helped :)

don_veto said...

You can go to one of those sponge places on Ghazali street, like Al Baghli and get your own custom mattress made, then set it up on a low wooden frame made by a carpenter. It will take around 2 weeks to have it all set up, show them the picture and they are usually pretty good at copying the design.

Careful about having a non standard size, you will have problems finding bed sheets.

Happy sleeping :-)

Vineeth said...

one of my friends just got a whole black bedroom set from safat alghanim (incl. low bed) & I think It's well within in your budget...

CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said...

laialy! hahahahahhaha!

i have no suggestions!

The Criticizer said...

dodo: Sexy indeed. Hey, you're a girl, don't you have any recommendations? Like new furniture stores or somewhere to check on the net? I know you do.

laialy: Smart but with my lack of creativity it will look dull. Besides, I would rather place the mattress without bed frame on the ground over having to buy a bed and ruining it. :P

yazeed: That's IDdesign. Been there a couple of weeks ago and they have some nice collections but they're too small for a tall guy like me (190x180cm). =/

jacqui: How could I have forgotten about Midas?! I will check it out today. Thank you so much. *fingers crossed*

don veto: That's a good idea actually, I might go with it if I ran out of options. Thanks.

vineeth: Safat Al-Ghanim has two major problems, their stuff looks good but lacks quality -and- they only sell rooms, they don't sell beds separately. =/

CyberRowdy: That's ok, I will consult you for technical stuff later on; talking 42" LCDs. ;P

Anonymous said...

there are loads of low beds available online but delivery can be a bit of a pain! if you go to any decent mattresses store, they should have a range of products you are looking for!