Monday, July 27, 2009


*No longer a bachelor*

Friday, July 24, 2009

Palm to Apple: "Bring it ON!"

Apple released iTunes 8.2.1 few weeks ago to block Palm Pre from syncing. They have all the right reasons to do so because they want iTunes exclusive to iPod and iPhone, no intrusions from other competitors.

It seems Apple's decision made Palm a bit anxious of loosing their fan base because syncing with iTunes is one of the biggest features of their product and they just can't afford to get kicked by Apple, so now they decided to return fire at Apple with a new release of webOS that is said to break Apple's wall and return their Pre back to iTunes syncing.

This Tech-War will be so much fun to watch.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Microsoft Maren

Ever wanted to write in "عربي" as fast as you write in "3arabi" ? Confusing, no? I'll explain...

Simply write in arabic with roman letters and Microsoft Maren will convert the word to arabic text. I haven't tried it because it's a Windows plugin but I think it's promising.

Lack of access to an Arabic keyboard or lack of familiarity with one are two of the most common problems preventing Arabic users from communicating in their own language.

Microsoft Maren is a Windows extension that comes to the rescue, allowing you to type Arabic in Roman characters (Romanized Arabic, Arabizi, Arabish or Franco-Arabic) and have it converted on the fly to Arabic script.

Maren integrates seamlessly with Windows and works in most Windows applications and websites.

I'm still not sure but I think there's one serious downside to it too. Looks like it translates to Egyptian only. Maybe there will be more versions soon.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday, July 09, 2009

New Reason to Love Apple Mail

For years I've been using Mac I never found a use for Apple Mail application (Microsoft didn't support this service for free and Gmail is just too simple and unique making you don't need to use it with any application).

Few months ago I found a tweak to run and import Windows Live mail directly to Apple Mail which made me use it frequently, though it has some flaws. It won't update your actual account (deleting an email won't remove it from your account in Windows Live server).

However, looks like Microsoft finally decided to follow the herd and bring that service up for free with POP3. It's very useful as I only have to check emails without having to wait for the attachments to load/download (it downloads everything simultaneously) though there's still no effect on the server itself when managing emails.

Setting up your Windows Live email with this method is quite easy...
  1. Open Apple Mail and go to Preferences then go to accounts.

  2. Add a new account "+".
    Type your name, email, password and click "Create".

  3. Incoming server (POP):
    Your username must be your email as

  4. Outgoing Server:
    Use your email as username and type your password in authentication box.

Now your email is configured. All you have to do is wait for Mail to import all your emails (takes a while depending on how many emails you have) then select them all and mark them as read or simply remove them and keep mail running to check for new emails.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Randomness | Part Trois!

Some of you might recall my Operation Redecoration. It took a whole month, around 800KD, and pain in the neck for sleeping on the floor to get it over with.

Fact: Kiss your room goodbye and get back to sleeping on the floor. You're moving to The Cage.

My first accident since I got my driving license. No casualties, just a small fender bender. My car came out clean but his car got a small scratch and I get the feeling he's gonna blackmail me for it.

Fact: There goes my clean record.

The temperature is over 50c and our ground floor AC broke down. Our brand new 10 ton YORK air conditioner decided to give up at the perfect time of the year with just a little over two years of operation. The maintenance department won't answer.

Fact: YORK AC and Al-Yousifi company = Fail. Buy Hitachi.

I would like to welcome a new and special "silent observer" here in my blog.

Note to self: Post moderately! LOL!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Quitting the Smoke, For EVER!

July 1, 2009. Today I will begin my second and hopefully last attempt in quitting my shisha addiction.

It's not really an addiction rather than a stupid way to waste my spare time. I have been indulging myself with it for too long and it's time for me to leave it for good before it's too late.

Thanks to my friend Bashar for helping me out with a script to keep me updated on how long I've been sober from shisha. The script is up and running on my blog side bar.

Wish me luck.