Friday, July 10, 2009



Charmbracelet said...

Happpy bbirthdayyy??=p


iNoor said...


Charmbracelet said...

Ooh is it something to do with sheesha?=P
Am out of it sorry

MacaholiQ8 said...

E it's my birthday but looks like Noor felt like teth'3a6ni shway.. o(>_<)o

*cracks up in laughter*

Wallah I knew you'd come up with something because it took you HALF AN HOUR between two comments (this one and the one on Randomness!)

HAHAHA ... I QUIT remember? :D

iNoor said...

شسوي، الفوتوشوب علّق :\

أكيد شارطة عليك بالعقد أنك ما تشيش لول، زين تسوي فيك

MacaholiQ8 said...

LOL! La mashallah ya3ni your effort with that design is astounding. It certainly shows how talented you are with Photoshop. *serious look on his face*

*Pffftttt... hahaha!* xD

La wallah ana elly giltlaha o 6i7t bilsany. She's probably reading this right now.

Blue Jay, u there? :P

Blue Jay said...

fi'97 nafsa bs 3adi 3shan 9i7ita
9a7 maca

Ruby Woo said...

Happy Birthday!

LOL loved iNoor's image. Suits you well.

desertpalms said...

happy bday..have a good one! =)

Ali said...

Your getting older like me :p

HB Girl...

MacaholiQ8 said...

Blue Jay:
9a7 9a7 9a7 ;)

Ruby Woo:
Yeah she's evil
*dodges from Noor's shoe* :P


LOOOL! DUDE!! I'm a GUY!!!11one... xD

I have no idea why people assume I'm a girl. :\

Ms Loala said...

I don't know whether that's a 26 or 28 .. but all in all age is nothing but a number, no? :P

Happy birthday! May you have a joyful year now with Mrs Mac ;)

MacaholiQ8 said...

Ms Loala
*gasp* !! Seriously, does that mean you're color blind??!?!? That's 26!! :\

Thank you so much. :)

iNoor said...

That's not even a design! I did it 3aba6ly and you know that, and yes I'm talented '3a9ban 3alaik bas 7addy tambal oO that's why maly 5ilg a9amim shay.

Hi morta *waves to Blue Jay* =)

MacaholiQ8 said...

I have one thing to say...

P R O V E . . . I T !

For all the years I've known you I haven't seen something, let's just say, quite "adequate".

LOL! Please don't hate me for these words. You don't really have to prove anything to me or anyone. I simply enjoy teasing you. :P

Elegant Chic said...

Belated birthday wishes! Hope u had a gr8 day :)

..::Amu::.. said...

Happy Birthday :)

iNoor said...


elieruby said...

Am I the only one that thought you were saying you were colour blind?

Happy birthday :)

MacaholiQ8 said...

LOL! No my sight is 6/6 :D