Thursday, July 09, 2009

New Reason to Love Apple Mail

For years I've been using Mac I never found a use for Apple Mail application (Microsoft didn't support this service for free and Gmail is just too simple and unique making you don't need to use it with any application).

Few months ago I found a tweak to run and import Windows Live mail directly to Apple Mail which made me use it frequently, though it has some flaws. It won't update your actual account (deleting an email won't remove it from your account in Windows Live server).

However, looks like Microsoft finally decided to follow the herd and bring that service up for free with POP3. It's very useful as I only have to check emails without having to wait for the attachments to load/download (it downloads everything simultaneously) though there's still no effect on the server itself when managing emails.

Setting up your Windows Live email with this method is quite easy...
  1. Open Apple Mail and go to Preferences then go to accounts.

  2. Add a new account "+".
    Type your name, email, password and click "Create".

  3. Incoming server (POP):
    Your username must be your email as

  4. Outgoing Server:
    Use your email as username and type your password in authentication box.

Now your email is configured. All you have to do is wait for Mail to import all your emails (takes a while depending on how many emails you have) then select them all and mark them as read or simply remove them and keep mail running to check for new emails.


Abdullah N said...

Thanks for the info! i've done it but i get a problem in reading arabic language! any idea ?!

Sal said...

Thanks Boss for the info
i have tried it , it worked beautifully but like abdullah i had some problem with arabic emails which does not matter for alot .


MacaholiQ8 said...

Glad to know you find it useful, guys.

As for the Arabic encoding problem I'm not facing any but there might be a solution for yours...

Go to System Preferences > International
Make sure Arabic (عربي) is on the languages list on the left, if not click Edit List and scroll down and tick (عربي) box then click OK.

Now Arabic (عربي) will appear on the languages list. Just drag it under English. (English must be on top of the list for applications to run properly).

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Finally :")

MacaholiQ8 said...


Sal said...

Thanks mac
you saved my life with such advise as for some stupid reason all my emails got deleted on my account that contain email from 1992 on ward.

luckily a week ago and due to your brilliant post i was able to back up all my emails .

Thanks alot for the save.

MacaholiQ8 said...

Glad this method saved you! :)

bumo said...

didnt work for me :/

MacaholiQ8 said...

That's odd. It worked fine with all Mac users I know. :/

bumo said...

i was trying it in uni, i guess the isp blocks those ports

thnx ;)

bumo said...

i was trying it in uni, i guess the isp blocks those ports

thnx ;)

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