Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Almost done

Friday, October 19, 2007

Nissan Al-Babtain

To whom this may concern,

We have come across your previous blog posts and read the comments that you published and we deeply regret that you have encountered problems at our Garage Centers we really are sorry for any inconvenience the Al Babtain Group has caused you and we would love to help you in anyway The Al Babtain Group would like to make up for any wrong doings from our side, for the record we have released an email to you previously and are still waiting for a response...

Please this is my personal phone number : ******* contact me for any assistance or any suggstions and comments i will be greatly thankful for your valued input

Best Regards,

Ghazi Saleh Abdulmohsen Al Babtain
Relationship Manager Al Babtain Group

Well what do you know? I never thought this would happen. Looks like there are people who care after all.

I'd like to thank Mr. Ghazi for his concern. I will take my car there first in the morning tomorrow. Hopefully this will put an end to my misery.

UPDATE: They're working on the car right now, thanks to Mr. Ghazi. I really appreciate the help.

To "anonymous": I have spoken to Mr. Ghazi in person so please refrain from presuming that he's too young or he doesn't exist. He helped me in every way possible and I appreciate that. All he wants is our feedback on their services and trust me when I say he does care for their customers, otherwise he wouldn't have contacted me in person.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Decrypting Kissing Patterns

Hamza has already beaten me to this subject though here's my own version...

The worst thing about family gatherings is having to stand in line trying to figure out who to kiss and how to kiss. For example...

The elders:-
a) Forehead (once or twice)*
b) Forehead - right - left
c) Right - left - forehead
* Handshake is not a-must.

The old:-
a) Right (once, twice, or even more)
b) Right - left
c) Right - left - right - left
- Handshake is a-must in all occurrences.

The brats:-
a) Handshake only
b) Right - left
c) Right - left - right - left

And in some odd occasions:-
a) Right - right - left
b) Right - left - left
c) Right (long kiss)
d) Slap! (mostly from aunts)
e) Hug (very rare)

I started to hate family gatherings just because of this stupid custom. By the end of the day my cheeks are numb and my lips are swollen caused by the thousands of kisses I've spread.

And you can see how confusing it is, not to mention when someone skips you or gets mixed up decoding your kisses, both start nodding heads like hens! How embarrassing is that? Those who have been in a similar situation know exactly what I mean.

The only way of surviving the day with less chances of humiliation is to implement the "Hand Grim" strategy, and it can be simply put out as:-

"When you shake hands try to be the last person, hold hard, and never let go unless you finish decrypting their kisses."

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Operation Rehabilitation | Overview

Number of shishas smoked: 47 in two months.

Money spent: Approx. 70~100 KD.

Current status: Still smoking.

Operation Rehab is a failure.

I'm disappointed. I had a good start in the first month but then Ramadan came and it ruined everything because I had too much free time.

However, it won't stop right here; when the time is right and when I feel I'm ready to end this I will try one last time. All I need is to stuff my routine so I don't end up in a shisha cafe.

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Note to self:-
Whenever you get the chance to race a MurciƩlago again, DON'T!

+ = 23

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blackbird | Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge (formerly known as Creed) have finally launched their new album. First impression is disappointment, but after listening carefully to the whole album I can admit as a rock/alternative fan, this band has matured.

Here's what I think of each song [out of 10]:-

  1. Ties That Bind [8]
  2. Come To Life [7.5]
  3. Brand New Start [6]
  4. Buried Alive [5.5]
  5. Coming Home [5.5]
  6. Before Tomorrow Comes [7]
  7. Rise Today [7.5]
  8. Blackbird [9] [link]
  9. One By One [7.5]
  10. Watch Over You [7]
  11. Break Me Down [6.5]
  12. White Knuckles [5.5]
  13. Wayward One [7.5]

Review: There's one thing I hate in Rock music... excessive/overworked guitar. However, unlike other rock bands, Alter Bridge manage to catch me with their tones, beats, and best of all their outstanding vocalist (Myles Kennedy).

They've gone past Creed's flavor and added their own special touch to this album marking their standout from Creed itself although they're still the same band but with another lead singer.

My only disappointment is not seeing any acoustics in this album, something like In Loving Memory on their older album, it would have made this one much better.

All in all, this album gets no more than 7.5 out of 10.

There are three vocalists I would listen to anything by them, Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, Aaron Lewis of Staind, and Myles Kennedy.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

5 in 1 | Catching up

Operation Rehabilitation | Final week

Two words to describe this week: Total Failure.
Operation rehab is over. Statistics come later.

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Prime & Toast

Those who reviewed it have already said everything though here's what I think...

Pros: Cozy environment, nice service (hope it remains like that when the place gets crowded).

Cons: Food needs to be juiced up a little (some sauce would make it really good), relatively-bad location (parking).

All in all I would give it 6/10 but it's too early to judge.

I would like to thank Patrick for the invitation, wish the owner of the restaurant all the best of luck, and to the people who were there that night... it's a pleasure meeting you all.

Graphics & Web Design course

We're having a problem with the institute. They claim to provide CIW intensive course but all they did is skim over some points then off to MS FrontPage.

According to their brochure...

  • Web Design courses (Pro. CIW Designer):-
    - CIW Foundations | 30 hours
    --+ Internet Business Foundations
    --+ Site Development Foundations
    --+ Network Technology Foundations

    - CIW Site Designer | 30 hours
    --+ Design Methodology & Technology
    - CIW E-Commerce Designer | 30 hours
    --+ E-Commerce Strategies & Practices
  • They have already skipped two courses (CIW Foundations & CIW E-Commerce Designer)... The full course should take around two months and they're giving this one in two weeks!

    I have emailed CIW regarding this issue and hopefully they will reply soon. If they don't I will make a big fuss in the institute.

    Nissan Al-Babtain

    This has gone way too far and I have had enough... If that b@stard can't manage his dealership then the hell with it, I'm contacting

    Redbull Flugtag

    Flight #40. We are the last team to fly our plane in the event. The plane is 70% done, we still have to attach the wings, replace some stuff, paint the plane, and it's all set up for the day of the event.

    Monday, October 01, 2007



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