Saturday, September 01, 2007

Operation Rehabilitation | Week 4

Slight improvement this week.

Four is down to three per week and still going.

Shisha is not addictive but when you have endless hours of free time everyday you find yourself somewhere having shisha. I had to lock myself up at home watching every pity thing on TV, DVD, and internet just to stay away from going to gahwa. It's a damn prison.

This week I'll get back to work and G&WD course which means I will not have a lot of free time anymore. All is good.

Wish me luck.

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eshda3wa said...

well good for you

u can always opt to go out somewhere that dosent serve shishaa ya3ne!

Anonymous said...

Goodluck! *funky chicken dance*

Intlxpatr said...

Hang in there Mac! Please tell me you got your transfer and will start the school year in a much cooler place!

iNoor said...

3afya 3al sha6er *draws a star on your hand* :P

Good luck ;)

KJ said...

What helped me in stopping shisha (other than an iron will to do so, I hope I had the same for exercise) is that when I go to cafes I don't order a shisha for myself. So I end up sipping from others, which in total doesn't add up to one of your own. You can try that if you wish

Princess said...

well yaaaaaay u 3 is zain tara madre 3o2bal ma u quit altogether *chokes on own words* :p

Very.Q8ya said...

taQaddddum ;) lalala yabeellik hadiya ib hal munasaba ilsa3eeda

fa ana Qarart ayeeeblekkkkkkkkk

yallah good luck :)

Anonymous said...

did u go to the gahwa alone?
i mean .. if you went with friends that means you see them less as well
maybe you guys just need to change your meeting place

Kinano said...


Thaber wa ila el amam ya ba6al ;)

Navy Girl said...

now thats an improvement ! wala your getting better ..

best of luck :)

The Criticizer said...

I can't. Trust me. :(

Thanks *break dance*

I did. *new post*

*wipes the star*
ma agdar atwa~tha. :P

Cool idea. Not very hygienic but I like the idea. :P

Danke. ;)

lol. Thanks. :D

I wish we could. We don't have diwaniya so the only place for us to hang out is gahawe. :/

Inshalla. ;)

navy g.:
Thanks. Don't hate me but I'm replying while smoking shisha right this moment. :P