Monday, September 10, 2007

Operation Rehabilitation | Week 5

Belated update...

Three again... I need to work on my will to quit.
Maybe in Ramadan I will end this, hopefully. :/

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chikapappi said...

Ok, I hate to inform you of this, sounds like teasing u , but karaz sheesha is good :P

Missy-TheOriginal said...

When there's a will there's a way. A9lan I know and you know too that you're able to quit. It's just a matter of persistance and self-descipline. Millions of people did it around the world and you're one of them soon enshallah, you'll see :)

iNoor said...

Start fasting from now lol

KJ said...

As punishment you are to do 140.3 push ups.

Princess said...

chika!! karaz sheesha is ya3! apple/grape sheesha is goooooooooooood

Very.Q8ya said...

iksirha =]

Zed said...

you are in for a a month of hell, ramadan and no shisha, that just doesnt make sense

what areyou going to do in the evenings?

Kinano said...

3 isnt too bad man. At least you're being consistent.

Kinano said...

BTW, did you see the new iPod Touch (I am assuming you have) what's your take?!

elijah said...

Good for you, You beat me hun :( I'm worse than before

il3ameed said...

3 is good!
consistent is better than more :/

keep it going (Y)
*good luck*

and karaz shisha good :p

NoNoWa said...

Now u know that it will only get harder in Ramadan- dont ya?????

I am going crazy cuz i am pregnant and cant have my shisha. I dont mind the summer months that much but during the winter- A555555- its the best--

but hey good luck to ya :)

Navy Girl said...

noooo your doing good wala :D

Ramadan is gonna help you up i bet ;)

Ms Loala said...

3 in a week is not that bad!
You're doing a great job.

Very.Q8ya said...

imbarak 3alaik il shahar =]

chikapappi said...

noooo princess, am not a "me3allema" - actually like 5 minutes of sheesha is enough for more then i adoukh :$

Mac, kel 3am o enta bkheir

The Criticizer said...

Winty eb5air enshallah.
I tried karaz a few times, it wasn't bad but I prefer 3anab.

Allah yesma3 minnich enshallah.

I did. :P

*drops down and does 140*
Umm.. Sir... How can I do a 0.3 push-up? :/

You keep impressing me with your shisha knowledge. :P

I will have to pay for that. :P
& 3laina o 3laich.

You're right man, I couldn't resist the after fu6oor shisha so I went today and had one. :/

3 isn't bad, but this week I'm sure I'll exceed the limit. :/

The new iPod touch looks promising, it is the future of mobile media. Go for it without hesitation if your considering one.

Too bad for you I guess. Though I'm not doing any better either. Ramadan will be the new shishing season. I thought otherwise but I was wrong. :/

Thanks. Same thing said to chikapappi about karaz.

Thanks. And good luck to you wiht pregnancy, quit smoking it, you don't want to hurt the baby now would you?

navy g:
You're betting on the wrong guy. :(

ms loala:
Not for long. :/

Anonymous said...

Im not evil!

but you seriously need to check this out...

and if you already did, then goodluck ;p

Moey said...

So sorry man!! I crave argeeleh too

Navy Girl said...

hey i'm not betting on the wrong guy !! i'm pretty sure your it !! sooo yalla NO SHISHA NO MORE GET IT !!

by the way i'm not kidding 3 aint bad !! i mean you just started .. just give it some time :)

The Criticizer said...

Blue Dress:
That's mean!! You're tourturing me! :(
Therefore as a punishment you ought to by me one of these.

I've been overdosing lately. So much for quitting. :/

navy g:
*whispers within*
Please god, don't let her see this week's count, please! :s

Anonymous said...

Loll if i find one, i shall ! ;)

Navy Girl said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! metaaaaaaaaaaa you shihsat all of those :(

The Criticizer said...

blue dress:
DEAL!!!! haha!!

navy g:
Madri. I just did. :(

Navy Girl said...

ummmm THEN STOP IT !!!!!!!