Wednesday, September 19, 2007

*F-word* Nissan Al-Babtain

Let this be a message to Nissan Al-Babtain...

F your customer service...

F your appointment schedule...

F your cheap maintenance...

I did not pay extra money to extend the warranty for nothing, therefore I will not pay an extra fils to get my new car fixed.

UPDATE: +1 (21)


iNoor said...

Calm down Mac :\

Ok don't think for a second that they'll read this post, and even if they did, they wouldn't do anything!

Hathy leKuwaiiiit 9al 3ala enneby :P

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Eff Them!

Add Me To your switchers count ;D

Navy Girl said...

my friend would sooo much agree with you .. she hates them so much now .. she just got her car and it stopped and duno what happened to it twice !! its new that shouldn’t be happing !!

take it easy broo .. hope its gonna be fixed out soon !

chikapappi said...

LOL Fayoor!!! Why do you F them! :P congrats BTW ;)

Dude Mac.. give them a piece of you mind especially o enta dafe3, meet a sr. there..

EniGma said...

are they even tellig you to pay?!! You shouldn't pay one fils!

BaDra said...

e walla maalat 3alehom e7rgaw a39abi 7esbiallah 3alehom sayara tag3ed ten days 7g serivce plus yom r7t a5tha eygoli el mafroth testalmenha bs chan agola shnw bs wela da3meen el bab , b`3et azn6 el moderhom

Fezi. ! said...

as "inoor" said .. hathy elq8 w 9al 3aneby !!

if it is a big problem send an email to Nissan Japan explaining the problem tra it's work ! w inshallah khair ;)

KJ said...

I feel for you man. :( Car servicing has become a real pain in the ass for everyone.

Princess said...

f them all u want just calm down babes

Anonymous said...

Big FFFFFFFFFFFF from me too them..I always have an argument with those freakin ppl there...

take me with you I need to give them my peace of mind why not lets join the power..

Intlxpatr said...

They all play such wicked games. The good news is that there are alternatives. Stay cool, Mac, don't let these guys get you down.

Ms Loala said...

This thing has been going on amongst most dealerships but i didn't think nissan would be one of 'em :\

jaz said...

So whats wrong with ur car?

shee6an said...

7beeeb glby 3adi 3adi

mo o5oy 3nda armada latshoof shloon emkarhena 3eshta

ledragat ena fakar ebeeha bsebat eliashyai ely gelteha

allah e3eeenk

oo t3aal 9g sh9ar 3la 6iaartk bashar enshallah 5ale9at :)

Desert-Roses said...

100% true!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! hadi ela39aaaaab dude! :D

sh9ayer..? :)

The Criticizer said...

I don't expect them to read it. I wanted to let out the rage that's all.

Way ta go! :D

navy g.:
I'm gonna call and complain. The b@stards gave me the car on Thursday at the end of their working hours, I couldn't take it back to get it fixed.

ana mo dafe3 shay, el sayyara yededa o 3laiha mola7athat bas el b@stards won't fix them for me on the warranty. :/

I know I shouldn't but they still insist that I pay if I want it to get fixed. :/

What can we expect from 7aywanat? :/

I've been looking for their email but I couldn't find it. I want to file a LONG complaint.

I hope they burn in hell for that. :/

*calms down*
*takes a deep breath*
*shouts out loud cursing the hell out of nissan al-babtain*

Mako ella we burn the place down!

There are alternatives, yes, but the car is still new and under warranty, they have to fix it! :(

ms loala:
al-babtain and al-ghanim are the worst. :/

1- passenger door leaks air
2- passenger door makes buzzing sound
3- gauges/dials plastic makes ticking sound
4- window a/c vent leaks air
5- front brakes squeak

now you tell me, all those should be covered under the warranty. right? Right. B@stards.

7aywanat wallah. :/

el 6ayara is good but we're falling behind schedule yal 7abeeb... we need to finish it up a.s.a.p.! :/


read what I wrote to Jaz.

jaz said...

Hmmm, talk to managment...

Murqab said...

dude ..

actually .. the warranty doesnt cover those depreciable items

but ur case is different .. coz you bought it new .. and you had issues on its condition ..

We had the same problem once we picked up my sister's infiniti .. the car should come with Pirelli tires from the factory .. but when we collected it .. they gave it to us with some korean half price brand

my dad went to the management .. and made a big fuss about it . and threated to complain in the ministry..

my advice .. wear your deshdasha and ghetra ( always better than wearing jeans o tshirt for official business ) .. go to the management .. and be VERY VERY angry .. and tell them it is ma9khara .. and khalhom yhadoonek

The Criticizer said...

I did. It's all being taken care of right this moment.

Oddly enough, mine is a '06 model and I bought it in '07, it should have Pirelli though they were replaced with Bridgestone but I didn't think of it as a big deal.

All in all, the car is being fixed right now and let's hope it gets fixed for good this time.

jaz said...

Ams min il 12-3:30pm i was there... trying to get them to change my battery.. and that was the quick service :D

Tma95art :D

Albab6ain zbala... they still dunno whats wrong with my park brake.

Im driving down the highway and all of a sudden the car "tis7ab side" broo7ha... they changed the read disks and pads and cleaned... then changed the brake lines, and checked the ABS and it still wont go away... i think they think im lieing :D

The Criticizer said...

jaz: Damn! :/
Please don't let me get started. I'm so F-ing bothered right now with their F-ing service.

Anonymous said...

i personally had more than 5 cars from albabtain and more than 20 cars from other car brands, all sort from a ferrari, porsche to a gmc, toyota bmw !! i can tell u this, the nissan service right now is better than them all, u probably wont know the difference untill u try the others! especially when it comes to money, nissan never ripped me off ! alzayani, alganim, behbehani etc all they care about is charging u more ! u guys dnt know what ur talking about!

The Criticizer said...


They were guilty as charged until I got contacted by one of their managers in person. [link]

And ever since that happened I admit they have improved their service very much than ever before. However, I myself had some encounters with other dealerships and I cannot deny that the best dealer so far is Al-Sayer, then comes Al-Babtain. I can also note that Al-Qathi (Honda) dealer is quite good too but their only problem is overpriced parts and accessories.

All in all we seem to agree that Al-Babtain is "one of" the best.