Sunday, September 02, 2007

Back to Work | New School

New day...
Tomorrow (today actually, Sunday) marks the first day of the new weekend system.

New School...
Finally, after two years in Farwaniya governorate wandering between Kheitan and Jeleeb Al-Sheyokh, I have got my transfer. Mubarak Al-Kabeer is heaven compared to Farwaniya. Addan, here I come. *happy*

New Start...
New management / section / students means I will have to give a new first impression on all three + having to get used to them in a short period of time.

Same old stupid routine...
From 7:30am till 1:30PM ... PLAY BALL.

Back to school people...
Everybody drop down and give me 20.

ps #1: This entry (new school part) is in response to intlxpatr, thank you for your concern.

ps #2: Allah efukna min shimatat ba3th el nas. *sits in the corner and cries*


Very.Q8ya said...

WHAHAHAHA ma3indi school fa u drop down and give 100 =p

ana bacher ba6la3 ib syarty min il 7:15 bsss 3ashan azeed 3alaikum il za7ma lol

uh oo mabrok 3al naQQil ;) a7san jarrabt il aSwa'a 3ashan yehooN 3alaik il Sayyee' =p

chikapappi said...

:) good look dude - the photoshop courses won't help there ha :P

iNoor said...

5ala9 3ad la tamsek'ha 3aley >_<
o laa mama laa2, big boys don't cry
*taps on your head*
*gives you a cookie* :P

I'm so happy you're happy :)
Wish ya all the best dood, o etha 6la3aw your students yananwa, 3ndek el 9mm beretta *MUAHAHAHA*

iNoor said...

e7em *takes the cookie back*
I don't share food :P

ge0 said...

arent U guys starting a bit early this year?
anyways I'd be missing the principle and his assistant as they were of a great help and support as well as some of my students:(
you should try high school, you get bonded with some of the students

Navy Girl said...

hehehe :P time to wake up early in the morning ooo GO TO WORK ! ;P

commenter said...

congrats :) P.E. teachers were my favorite back in the day...

Anonymous said...

You know you have one of the most rewarding and extremely fun jobs,
I bet its great being active everyday, Yahoo

Anonymous said...

maaa 3laeh yaaa modaresna elme'3waar :P

3la eliakal 3ndk dwam a7san mn ely 9arla 7 eshhor b6aly :(

5la 3la allah yaaa 7beeby


Ms Loala said...

Welcome to civilization mate.
Please don't forget to mark your first official students' name xD

Anonymous said...

emmh Goodluck ^_^
You know?
I 2nd Bluedress

KJ said...

BTW you are SOOOOOOOOOO going to give me an exercise schedule to gain more stamina as well as muscle.

il3ameed said...

3al baraka bro..

mithil ma galat loala:
"welcome to civilization":D

eshda3wa said...

good luck

tell us how it goes :)

Princess said...

a7san back to work mo bass ana i work ayshay! WORK! and yaay new school, yay u

Patrick Semaan said...

Good Luck mate, dont let school overtake your time while building your plane, so that you dont blame it on school when you'll fly 2 meters :P

Intlxpatr said...

You are on the front battle line against the great enemies, that axis of evil, Obesity and Sedentary Living! Run their little bottoms off, and let them think they are having a great time with it. And YyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaYYYYYYYYYYY, you are in a good area now!

Anonymous said...

good luck mate :) I hope your new school brings you good luck too

sweetd said...

awwww hehe :D mabrook

elijah said...

Yay yay new school, good luck LOL at give me 20, that's the way to do it, I wish I could let my students do that :)

Hamza said...

so today must be your 3rd day. I hope you didn't see any student posting your blog's website on the school's flyers. :P

Anonymous said...

allah y3eeeeeeeeeeeeenk :D

The Criticizer said...

hehe.. you're mean. but don't worry, the school I'm in is 3 minutes away from me = no za7ma at all. :P

& thanks. you got that right.

you never know, I might do some designs for mah desk 7ag sowad e3yoon el 3agad. :P

lol! yeah i'd practice some shooting on them 3agad.

gimme back the cookie. :(

my brother is a high school teacher, he wants me to come to his school. it's all good though when i find the exit (form MOE) I'm running towards it.

navy g.:
Don't remind me. :(

I know we RAWK. *ego boost* :P

blue dress:
Maybe you're right but trust me when I say "not in Kuwait". teaching in Kuwait is like dealing with cattle. They're stupid and the ones leading the herd don't know crap. there are exceptions of course.

Agool kammil nomtik wayed a7san min dawam. Trust me. :P

ms loala:
Civilization? I don't think so. I'm still dealing with 3agad except there are 7athar and a clean school.

thanks. same thing said to blue dress.

Stamina & muscle is a hard combination. I'll explain soon. ;)

thanks. ;)

Thanks. I will.

I didn't graduate from school to go back to it. I hate my job. :(

Haha .. don't worry. We're wrapping it up. ;)

Thanks, I'll do my best. ;)

thanks. :D

thanks. :D

It'll become a military school. you wait for the newspaper headlines. :P

they're too stupid to use blogs. :P