Saturday, September 22, 2007

Apple Evolution

Apple products evolution
Not the complete/recent list

Unlisted products: New iMac, new iPod nano, new iPod classic, new iPod touch.


il3ameed said...


ok i admit it..

Blue Dress said...

LOL my god time .
i think we're having a second nokia
oh wait i said that before.

But hey mac is amazing, not so much.

Amu said...

I am buying a mac this time when I travel to canada :) I just hate pc's now :/

il3ameed said...

oh and i put an apple sticker on the front on my laptop, does it count as a Macbook Pro now? :mrgreen:

Fayoora said...

il3ameed LOOOL :P
I know 3 People who have done that , other than you hehe

The old iMac a7la min the new one IMO
I hope il Macbook iseer same thing ;$

Navy Girl said...

waaaay i used it once oo i didnt like it !! bs now aby i feel jealous already ;P

Fayoora said...

LOL! Seriously Macaholic

You're Dragging them all.
The company should really pay you ;P

Ms Loala said...

I remember the colored monitors, they were cool then.

Ok stop making me feel guilty, i don't think you're doing this for free.

iNoor said...

Steve Jobs Evolution <3

Intlxpatr said...

Wooo Hoooo, Mac! My husband switched! He is so proud of himself, learning to do all these things the Mac way, and so astonished at how EASY it is!

ReKoO said...

3amar ya Apple :P

CeCe said...

*knock knock*

The Criticizer said...

NO! :mrgreen:
Go buy one. :P

Blue Dress:
I do not understand a single thing of what you're saying. :/

Go for it. :D

We'll have to wait and see.
Hehe .. I wish they would. :P

navy g.:
Buy one before its too late.

ms loala:
It's all for free. I'm an open-source advertiser. :P

Stevie has Syrian roots, did you know that? :P

Glad to know that! Did I have anything to do with it? Because if I did then I should add another apple icon on my switchers count. :P

Allah yarzigna eb as-hum apple. :P

Who's there?
Hehe... welcome back. :D

Navy Girl said...

lesh toooooo late ?!

Navy Girl said...

oh and by the way YOU SHOULD STOP !!!!! RIGHT NOW !!!

you know what i'm talking about !!

iNoor said...

yup & I was shocked @_@

hehe I call him Stevie too :P
3ad yloog 3alaih Steve 3abbas Jobs madry laish, waahaaa :D

The Criticizer said...

Navy g.:
Too late when you see everybody around you has a mac and you still run WineDoze. :P

I'm trying my best. :/

LMAO! You're crazy, you know that? xD