Friday, September 07, 2007

New Routine

This is the reason why I've been away...

6:30AM - Wake up | Shower.
7:15AM - Work | Breakfast.
1:00PM - Back home.
2:00PM - Lunch.
3:00PM - Gym.
5:30PM - Back home | Shower.
6:30PM - Graphics course.
8:30PM - Back home.
9:30PM - Working on the plane.
11:00PM - Dinner.
12:00AM - EXHAUSTED | Sleep.

I will stop going to the gym in a few weeks during ramadan. That should ease up my routine although I know I will regret it.


chikapappi said...

Well, I think that's good- I mean being organized :)

Ms Loala said...

Have mercy on yourself :\
No break for atleast one hour!!

As you said, ramadan is coming so i think you'll have couple of hours off to set at ease.

How's the plane going?

Anonymous said...

Ok and whats the monky's story?

KJ said...

Why would you stop gym? You can stop pumping iron but you can go some cardio

Intlxpatr said...

You really need a nap in there somewhere!

iNoor said...

No time for Shishing? yay :P

*orders you a cookie jar from Choowy Goowy*

il3ameed said...

seems like a VERY exhausting schedule..

good luck bro!

PS: is q8speed working with u?

Navy Girl said...

weeeeeeeee .. no time for shisha :P a7saaaaaaan ;P

you should take it easy or you will end up shooting yourself :P

Zed said...

very productive days since you finish work at 1, you have so much time to do other things

Anonymous said...

good luck mate :) as you long as you are happy with this schedule keep goin with it :)

shee6an said...

allah e3eeeenk 7beeby

oo derbalk 3la elyahal mo6ghoom :P

oo mbrook 3la fooz Germany

oo a5eer shay derblk 3la el 17 cm ok :P


Anonymous said...

What Plane?
You want to fly too ? HEHE

It's good being busy.
a7san min il fethawa =D

elijah said...

Keep it up hun, nothing better than having things to do :)

The Criticizer said...

Yep, being organized is good but not with such busy routine. :/

ms loala:
The plane project is going well. I will post about it when I get the chance.

blue dress:
lol why? Well.. I feel more miserable than he is.

I never go for cardio. Abs & swimming on my days off. Either ways, my subscription expired and I have other financial issues than having to spend money to renew it.

I wish I could. :(
Maybe in Ramadan I will have the time for that.

Hah! look at the new post AND this weeks count. :P

& yes it is.

navy g.:
Maybe I will. It's all because of you. :P

I wish it's that simple. :/

Man, I'm not happy at all! I'm in a lot of stress! :(

lol! Agool roo7 eth3af 7awwishlik cham santi gabil la troo7 3laik, 9a7ibna ga66a foog chatfa! LMFAO! :D

You ask what plane?!!!
I think your brain cells are corrupted. this plane

It's so stressing. :(

Very.Q8ya said...

3awafy bss lunch 1hr ?=p

Very.Q8ya said...

sawwir plane'tik

The Criticizer said...

lol, not really, but lunch takes place between 1~3pm so in that peirod I'd probably be waiting for it. :P

I will inshallah soon.