Thursday, July 12, 2007

We got accepted!

Our team got accepted in the first RedBull Flugtag - Kuwait competition that will be held in Marina Waves next November.

We're in with a more practical design (something inspired by the F-117 Bomber), we're there to catch the points of the meters and cover a decent flying distance. I just hope we don't crash too soon.

Funny thing is, our team consists of (in real life) two engineers (Interior & Civil), two co-engineers (Biochemicals & Electrical) co-engineer (Biochemicals), director (Media & Theature) and a teacher (PE) *cough*.

But anyways... their profession can't really help in the process of building our plane except one who's an interior designer so we'll just lay off all the cutting and measuring on him and we will be helping him a little. :P

Currently we're looking for a place to start building. The only place we found is a friend's barn in Chabd. :/

So far the only other team I know about is "Imperial27". Good luck guys and good luck to all those who got accepted.

UPDATE #1: And another team "THE PHOENIX"!

UPDATE #2: Mark listed some of the teams that got accepted.

UPDATE #3: One of the co-engineers, who happens to be our pilot, quit on us. :/


Kthekuwaiti said...

Just quit now .. ;)

Amjad said...

Mabroook! I wish you very good luck.

Why did your pilot quit, though? =s

EniGma said...

wanasaaa good luck ;) so ur team dragonfly? i can't wait 4 this event

Patrick Semaan said...

Congrats! nice Logo for the project name.
Our team also got accepted, you can read more about it on my blog,
See you at the gathering next week ;)

Anonymous said...

No dont quit !
shako quit.

That seems really fun
Best of luck!!

Anonymous said...

wow man good luck, that sounds so much fun. All the best with that and if you need any help or there is any place for me let me know :)

Anonymous said...

mabroukkkk dude!

Ms Loala said...

oh stop the pessimism kthekuwati! :\

Congratulations mac :P
I hope this thing turns out well unlike the car show that's been held few monthes ago.
I think you need a physics guy to help you measure up the distance and stuff.
And why chabd? omg the very thought of it makes you quit! :\ no one has a big 7osh or something?

Any one can come or we should buy tickets?

Ms Loala said...

Nice moto btw, i though it was rumblebee for a second :P

snookie said...

good luck! i hope you guys win :D

Navy Girl said...

good to hear .. i really wish you the best !! break a leg my friend !!

iNoor said...

7safa 3ad I expected you to do something related to Macs hehe ;p

Anyway, all the best guys ;)

Anonymous said...

1. mabrook
2. good luck
3. do u need a new pilot :p

The Criticizer said...

Let's see who quits when it starts. :P

Thanks. He did lasik eye surgery and it went wrong so he'll be doing a major eye surgery next October. :/

Thankies. 2nd of November.

Same to you man, great logo you got there. Hopefully I'll be at the gathering but I'm still not sure.

Who said anything about quitting? :/
K is being random I guess. We'll be there and we'll kick :D

Thanks. Will do. ;)

Thanks! :D

ms loala:
K has a team, he's not being pessimist, he's daring. :P

Thanks. Well that's the only place we found. We have a big "7osh" in our house but once we build it inside it will be impossible to take it outside.

One good thing is, transportation of the plane is on them so once we do it in Chabd they'll will bring it to Marina.

And no, no tickets. It's an open contest near Marina Waves. Probably on Marina Hotel beach side.

& Thanks. It "is" inspired by Rumblebee's logo. I see Q8speed taught you well. :P

Thanks! :D

navy G.:
Thanks! Why would I break a leg, so you can come to the rescue? :P

lol! Like what? A flapping MacBook or a Jet MacPro? xD
The team consists of more than me so we had to agree on one thing and that's what we came up with.

Thank you. :D

1- Allah ebarik feech
2- Thank you
3- Depends on how much you weight. :P

Amjad said...

"Thanks. He did lasik eye surgery and it went wrong so he'll be doing a major eye surgery next October. :/"

Ouch.. That's really bad!=s

Zed said...

mabrook, hope you build a great plane, and keep us posted on your designs (can yo udo that?)

Hamza said...

correction: "our team consists of (in real life) two engineers (Interior & Civil), two co-engineers (Biochemicals & Electrical) and a graphics designer *cough*,

I bet you were the one designing the logo for the team. ;)

Kthekuwaiti said...

We are going to give the other teams a chance to quit on Wednesday .. like allowing a country to surrender before the war. :D

Kinan said...


All the best man, when the flugtag comes and you see an idiot flailing about in the crowd with your team's banner, it would be me :P

Just keep us posted with your progress and of any details of the events!

NoNoWa said...

Ya ya ya- go Dragonflies!!!!

I will be in the crowd for sure watching all of u crazy ppl try to fly- its guna be so fun I am sure!!

I dont even have the guts to try :P

Good luck- wish u all the best :)

The Criticizer said...

Yeah, but there's nothing else we can do. :/

Thanks. I will try my best to keep you guys posted.

Yes I am the one who made the logo but that doesn't qualify me to be called "designer". Too early. :P

That's blatant dictatorship! I hereby condemn the absurdness of your threat and will stand my ground for the love of my team!

hehe ... see you at the meeting. ;P

LOL! Thanks for the support. :D
Will do whenever possible.

Thanks! I just hope we don't fail the attempt that's all. :P

Ms Loala said...

Still haven't lost my feminin side ;)

The Criticizer said...

True! :P

eshda3wa said...

its seems like alot of fun

The Criticizer said...


Navy Girl said...

LOL eeeeeeeeee :P

elijah said...

YAAAAAAAAY mabroooooook, I wanna watch, I'll be ur team's cheerleader :)

Give us date and time!

The Criticizer said...

navy G:
Deal. :P

November 2 2007 | 12PM | Marina Waves ;P

Anonymous said...

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Brim over I agree but I about the post should prepare more info then it has.