Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Job Offer | UPDATE

Thanks to intlxpatr, she reminded me I haven't kept you guys up to date with the job opportunity I had last month so here's what happened...

I didn't take the job. Why? Simply because they won't accept my bachelor's degree (PE), instead they would employ me for my graphics & web design diploma, which I still haven't finished yet. The problems are...

A) If I get hired for the diploma I will get a low salary, even less than what I'm getting in my current job as a PE teacher.

B) Getting hired for the diploma means my bachelor's degree equals nothing. In other words "Naggi3-ha wishrab may-ha". I didn't waste 4 years for nothing.

C) Seems they won't even count my working experience. I have two years experience that should be taken in consideration. That means 2 lost years + 4 lost years in (B)

And that's why I passed the offer, I'm not willing to compromise. Hopefully there will be other chances.


Anonymous said...

I wish you the best.

Zed said...

good luck with the job hunting, i know how sucky it gets

Anonymous said...

I would do the same too :) wish you all the best!

Anonymous said...

khairhaa eb '3yrhaa inshalla :)

Anonymous said...

5erha eb '3erha sayed ;)

ma boga shay 3ala Graphics courses.. mowafag

ge0 said...

search and you'd find better offers. Good luck bro

Patrick Semaan said...

Hey, don't worry you will get plenty of job offers, specially when u start working in graphic design, illustrations or web design or any other personal project in the field, you need to build a portfolio though and your name will quickly spread in the market.

You seem talented so I am sure you r gonna shine in the field ur studying in now, you are gonna get so much offers that its gonna start to be annoying (Believe me, been there).

+ I can hook you u here and there if there is a design studio or agency you have in mind and would like to work for. (We are looking for a finalizer btw, not that im offering, but just in case you know anyone).

Ms Loala said...
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Ms Loala said...

T3awith-ha inshalla ...

They dont accept parttimers?

Intlxpatr said...

So meanwhile, Mac, any hope of a transfer to a better school?

iNoor said...

yeah yeah naggi3ha weshrab mayha! sorry for this but seriously, Patrick's right. Man you're an ARTIST and you've got the talent *mashalla* so why teaching PE??! Ok you're happy with your salary and you get a 3-month vacation in the summer and most of you teachers don't work your butts off (specially etha ga6eenkom b area like the one u r in lol), but, wallah all these things won't make you happy if your job doesn't suit you and your skills (ok I may not know if your job is suiting you or not) but I think you were meant to be a Graphic Designer (FULL-TIME) *kaify lol*

Anyway, I really hope you get a better job, better pay, better boss, better place, better life and better wife ;P

Kinan said...

Eventually the right job will come your way. Meanwhile make the best out of what you have now ;)

Good luck

The Criticizer said...

anonymous, zed, amu, laialy, rekoo, ge0, kinan:
Thanks guys.

Thank you, I really appreciate it.

That job opportunity came from nowhere, I didn't plan for it nor I was having any plans to quit my current job. However, it ignited me on thinking that way, that I should really consider finding another job. But no sir, I actually took that graphics & web design course to improve myself and make use out of my hobby. I did not plan to get out of my job and get another job in the designing field. I just wanted to get the certification so I can start a small business or do minor freelance work here and there as a 2nd source of income. Like one time I was about to do a small part of a project for Blu|Grey but things didn't work out because the whole project got called off by the client.

I'll just keep concentrating on the course for now and keep the hopes for later.

Yet again, thank you.

ms loala:
No. :/

Yes, I have filed a transfer but still no news at which area/school I'll be placed.

LOL @ the last part! xD

I appreciate your support, I really do. Inshallah there will be better opportunities.

Anonymous said...



NoNoWa said...

I wish u the best of luck!

Enshallah a better opporutunity will come along soon for ya- keep searching :)
Dont settle for anything less that waht u have set your mind to- otherwise u will hate where u are....ask me I know.

The Criticizer said...

Thank you. What's "Vrrrrr" ??

Thank you. I'll make sure not to pass another opportunity.

elijah said...

Good for u smart choice.