Tuesday, July 31, 2007

For Sale | Subaru Impreza WRX (SOLD)

Year Model: 2001 | ODO: 120,000 KM
Manual transmission | New exhaust system


iNoor said...

No, thanks. Waiting for Apple's iCar :)

BLaSha said...

dude, thas worse then lada!!

il3ameed said...

lol @ inoor :P

min wain a3arf hal raqam?

oo no thanks

Navy Girl said...

:D 3ad green :P not interested:P

Mr_CHoCoLaTe said...

هذي سيارة الأحلام

بس خضره : \

اكره هاللون خاصة

ماكو غير انطر لما اشتغل علشان لحد يناشبني على سيارتي هي هي

ودي اجرب اسوقها ما يعطيني اياها هي هي

بس ما اعرف اسوق جير عادي انفع ؟

باي باي

ReKoO said...

i think am gonna pass this deal :D

The Criticizer said...

Wish granted. :P

That's one of the world's finest sport cars. :|

Maybe you do know him. :/

navy g.:
True, the biggest downside of the car is its color. :/

Mr Chocolate:
Ask for the price. It's quite reasonable with a new sport exhaust system.

Testahalha ebbalash ya bo3li. ;)

moocherx said...

am i blind, or can't i see a price there? Impreza's are a good drive.

The Criticizer said...

He didn't say anything about the price. Contact him if you're interested.