Sunday, July 22, 2007


My first flash animation.
Assignment for graphics course.


Anonymous said...


bas eshma3na Jaguar? :P

Extinct Dodo said...

thats a load of baloney, just because someone smokes doesnt mean they dont exercise, and just because someone exercises doesnt mean they dont smoke.

take it back. take it back right now :/

Princess said...

thats really good i loved the little sheesha stick figure hehehe

Anonymous said...

Really nice..keep it up mate

Kinan said...


During the whole thing I was saying "Please let B get hit by a bus - Please let B get hit by a bus"



Anonymous said...

Nice. good luck with your future work.

iNoor said...

teehee loved it, great job ^_^
ee wallah it is true we're all gonna die but why hurting ourselves before dying?
I'm SO against all kinds of smoking and hate it when people smoke.

keep it up man ;)

Navy Girl said...

wow love it .. really good work !!

ooo noo smoking dying is not an excuse for it :P

Anonymous said...

OMG at first i thought it was serious o gilt bawaree oboy yemkin yefham enaa el tadkheen mo zain bss ba3dain gelabt el salfaa the7ik
you could have sent a really good message ... but it was excellent non-the-less

ge0 said...

smart and simple idea

Amola said...

great job .. but i guess if you put the lungs images befor the "do what you like.... " cuz it would be better :) and felt like it was the end

KJ said...

Very nice dude! LoooL, made me laugh. hhehehehe

Ms Loala said...

lol @ the sheesha part :P

It's brilliant! can't wait for the next one.

elijah said...

LOOL exactly my philosophy. I keep telling people we're all gonna die anyway might as well enjoy life before we do :)

Loved it

Intlxpatr said...

#dying laughing# got caught totally by surprise, and loved the all B&W until the blood. Total hoot, and makes the point anyway, even with the reverse psychology, when you show the lungs.

I hope you are having fun!

The Criticizer said...

It's the only picture that matched my recommended specification for the animation. ;P

You're right but too late to take it back. :P

Yeah, there had to be another smoking "instrument" :P

Will do, thanks.

Haha! You're as mean as I am, we think the same way! xD

blue dress:
Thanks, I appreciate it. :D

Ahem, I smoke shesha. :s

Thanks, will do. ;)

navy girl:
*pretends he's not a smoker*
True but who would listen?

LOL! Haha, I would love to see you're facial expression if you show it your dad thinking it's serious. You'd be like "DAMN YOU MACAHOLIQ!!" xD

Thank you. ;p

Exactly the way I wanted it. ;)

I left the lungs for the last part because my message is: "Keep on doing whatever you want but think about the consequences!". That's the point! ;)

Glad it did, thanks. ;)

ms loala:
I sure hope there will be something next. Glad you like it.

Seeee, let's spread the "theory"! :D

Glad you do. ;)

Yep, that's the point. Keep it as simple as possible and use reverse psychology to emphasis. ;)

I'm glad it made you laugh.

Navy Girl said...

you know what now i'm MAD LOL :P

i'm really sick of you smokers everywhere following me around ,every time i say to myself i'll shut my mouth and try to put up with it i just can't .. dad at home & also my brother .. and everywhere at work .. for sure everywhere at everywhere ... ooo even here you bloggers LOL

i'm gonna kill you all !!!! :D

Vodka said...

aham shay everyone's going to die so do what you like.
I thought it was ending there, Zain inik 7a6ait "On a More serious note"
All good bas you should've made it faster .

The Criticizer said...

navy g:
Hehe.. I smoke shesha only, I despise cigarettes as much as you do.

Making it faster won't be a problem. Glad you like it. ;)

3baid said...

Nice animating :P

snookie said...


love the sheesha.. love the accident.. love the message with a twist..

p.s. was that a bmw ;)

The Criticizer said...


Heh, glad you do.
And nope, it's a Jag. ;P