Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stand-Up Comedy | Russell Peters

Short clip of one of his best jokes

I'm not a big fan of stand-up comedy shows but I can't deny that I have watched and enjoyed some of them and by far this guy is the best performer I have seen. In my opinion he's even better than Chris Rock.

Russell Peters is a Canadian of Indian roots stand-up comedian who's been in the business since 1989. He's by far the most successful stand-up comedian in Canada and has a great fan base world wide. He has performed in so many countries including UAE.

"His popularity overseas is enormous. In Dubai, his tickets sold at a rate of one ticket every two seconds, crashing the on-line servers and creating pandemonium at the retail outlets." *

I have seen his last show "Russell Peters: Outsourced" on DVD and I swear I cracked up in laughter, I couldn't even breathe at some point! I have never laughed that hard in a long long long time.

Bottom line... You have to watch at least one of his shows.

Friday, March 30, 2007

ColorWare | Hue Covers

ColorWare, the house of custom-colored hardware, are offering a new variety of colors for Apple hardware. They even offer color customization if you don't find what suits your taste. The price, however, is way over the normal price tag though I don't see that as a problem if you're really into it.

  • 15" MacBook Pro @ Apple Store: $2,499
  • 15" MacBook Pro @ ColorWare: $3,149

MacBook Pro shown in Crush Orange

iMac shown in Envy Green

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

If you can't beat them, join them

Driving in Kuwait is getting more and more irritating by the second. A normal, respectful I might add, driver would never make it in a hectic world such as ours as long as them are wobbling around our roads. Can we fix that? Can they be stopped? Can we at least avoid them?

Them here refers to those reckless drivers who keep pulling up uncalled for driving techniques whenever they feel like it, them are those who use emergency lane as a high speed zone when you're stuck in traffic, them are the b@stards behind the wheel, those who take your turn in gas stations, those who scratch your car and move on like nothing happened, those who drive -100km/h on high speed lanes, those who take wrong exits and U-turns, them are those who slam the brakes for no apparent reason, and even those who become angry at you even if they're wrong.

I figured out that the only way to survive that war zone is becoming one of them. Not necessarily as low as they are but we need to tag along to make it through otherwise they'll keep screwing at our expense.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Front Row on PPC

A friend of mine wants to know how to install Front Row on his old PPC-based Mac.

There are various methods to patch Front Row on older Macs. Some people had no problems while others had to deal with unpleasant results yet it can be done quite easily.

Here are two methods of how to do it:-

  • At [link]
  • At [link]

I have had it patched for almost a year now on my PowerBook G4 and it runs just fine.

Friday, March 23, 2007

A day at Wafra

Place: Wafra (farms).
Day: Thursday, March 23.


Perfect time to arrive

First impression

Life without technology is too boring

Spider near the bathroom

Yes, it was cold out there

Faster, damn it!

Watch out! Preparing to grill

Charcoal round 2, for shesha

Playing basketball after dinner
Burning up what we ate

Morning view
Setup volleyball net for nothing. Pity

Taking a cruise around the farm
Notice my friend's pants! xD

The swamp

F-ing ugly creatures before they evolve

And even uglier after they evolve

Skinny dipping?

Dogpile! [video]

Wafra Co-op. | Buying stuff for lunch

(RDM) Recognize him? I don't. :P

Packing up after lunch

Ready to leave

Driving back home

End of journey
*looking for other places to hangout next week*

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

KTS | 36th Educators Conference

I was assigned to attend Kuwait Teachers Society 36th educators conference at Mövenpick hotel in the free trade zone today. They were discussing e-learning and how to apply it on the current curriculum (GCC countries as well), costs, risks, and other related subjects. Simply, it was a circus.

On the first session one of the instructors who has some attitude issues started shouting at the audience. Then, while trying to prove their whole seminar point of better education through e-learning, the projector started to malfunction and one of the laptops (WINDOWS) froze and had to be replaced. It was a dull presentation either ways.

The funny part started when they opened discussion to the crowd, this guy (dressed up in dishdasha and shmaq - turned out to be egyptian) asked for the microphone and started talking about a whole irrelevant subject of how he wrote books predicting things like 1990 Gulf War before it began, and how learning English won't be of use to our students ...etc. He's probably suffering from mental illness or something. He got kicked out.

On the second session (after I went out for breakfast only to find empty plates) there were three instructors demonstrating a new Kuwaiti-made software that can be used in kindergarten and primary school. Although it has lame graphics and even lamer sound effects I admit it's quite impressive because it's pretty simple for an 8-10 year old student to work with.

I'm not going to bore you with this topic but if you want my impression on e-learning being implemented in Kuwait, it will never work as long as there are students like the ones I teach.

Friday, March 16, 2007

UPDATE | OS X 10.4.9

OS X 10.4.9 update is out.

That means one thing, Leopard is soon to come.

A day at Kathma

Place: Kathma desert (& farm).
Day: Thursday, March 15.
Time: 1 - 6 pm.


Choosing the perfect spot

Getting down to business

Old school tea

Tools of the trade

SalamAlaikum baba (he wanted some food)

Done with the food & starting the journey

The swamp

On the other end

Sand fortress?!

You know what to do, mooch. :P

Heading to Kathma hills

Getting closer

And closer

Up the hill

Aliens land here I guess

People hanging out down hill

Careful not to fall

Another view

On the way back home

On the way back home x2

In the middle of nowhere

Winding road

End of day.
Next week: Wafra.

*goes to sleeeeep*

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Scammed by Yahoo!

I got the following SMS earlier today...

"Your Phone Number: 965******* won $9500 in the Yahoo! 2007 Mail Flash. Winners contact for free claims and delivery."

According to this link it's nothing but scam. It all started with emails and now reached cellphones. The confusing thing, however, is that the sender id on my cellphone is Yahoo! Mail, that means Wataniya is aware of the sender's id and is most likely part of this despicable scam circle.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Guess who's back!

*goes to kill it*

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Poor Guy

Today was a long day at work. I was the only one who had a class at 12 and all my colleagues signed out leaving me alone with them brats. I finished my class, checked everything in our section, closed the lights and locked up, and came back home worn out. All I needed was a peaceful nap.

As soon as I lied down my cellphone rang, my supervisor was on the line asking where I am. I told him I'm at home. He said "Deputy principal called telling me there's someone locked up in our room! They're looking for the keys to open the door for him". I was like "Huh?!! I checked everything and I'm definite no one's there!". "I will see what's going on and give you a call" he replied. I was very anxious if I have locked up on one of the students I'd be screwed but I'm sure there was nobody when I locked up because I checked the main room, side room, storing room, and even the bathroom!

Few minutes passed, I got another call from my supervisor telling me I have locked up on our servant (Bangladeshi guy) who seemed to be napping in the corner of the room under one of our desks where I missed to spot! Thank god he managed to wake up just in time before everybody left the school otherwise he would've had to spend the weekend locked up in there.

It wasn't my fault. :P

Friday, March 02, 2007

Exposing Yourself

Today I was discussing this with a couple of friends...

What would you do if your real identity gets exposed?

I'm not talking about those who have no problem in showing themselves or talk in specific detail about their everyday life and sharing that online, I'm talking about those who prefer to remain anonymous by posting under usernames to separate their internet life off their normal life. What would be your reaction if your real identity gets uncovered? Your life, your family, your friends... etc.?

With all the info that you might provide on your website, blog, journal, forum...etc. even by little details you're leaving small strings and traces consequently leading to your real identity. That's why I think it is quite easy to track someone down in a small community such as ours if you know who to ask, where to ask, and how to ask.

Now you might wonder why I'm inflamed all of a sudden with this subject, well because in one hour we were able to expose two of Kuwait's most popular "anonymous" bloggers. Yes, random chit-chat brought us to knowing who those bloggers actually are in real life.

Personally I have no problem unveiling my real personality but I do prefer to stay anonymous for my own good. However, I wouldn't doubt that someone I don't know out there knows who I am and what I do.