Friday, March 16, 2007

UPDATE | OS X 10.4.9

OS X 10.4.9 update is out.

That means one thing, Leopard is soon to come.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Macs and OS X, sucks.
It's time for a Vista, baby.

Anonymous said...

exactly! cuz the version 10.5.0 is the leopard!

i think it will be released in april and the price may be in this range (50 - 60 K.D.)

3baid said...

I'm still wondering about iLife. Are they going to skip 07 and call it iLife '08? I mean, if they're going to release it the second quarter of this year, they might as well.. :P

moocherx said...

Vista rocks.

I guess if they're on 10.4.9 there have been 48 different versions since 10.1??!!

Stick with windows. Takes them 10 years to come out with each new operating system.

Bojacob said...

I'm using Vista, and quite frankly, it blows.

I've been using my bro's Macbook more and more lately. So much stuff that 'just works.'

Elijah said...

When is Cheetara coming? hehe Thunder thunder thunder cats aaaaaaaaaaaahh

The Criticizer said...

Vista is an OS X wannabe. Get your facts right.


Heh, maybe? Soon we'll know. ;P

48 versions? Nope, there were 4 versions and all the rest were updates, just like live update on Windows. Mac OS X got an overhaul when it shifted from OS 9 to OS X 10 which still is basically the same OS till this current version.

Seeeeeeeeeee! :D

Don't make fun of it! :'(

*cough*Thunder Cats is the best*cough* xD

Ms Loala said...

Leopard and tiger!!
Poor lion, he's no longer a king ;p

TAT said...

I think soon enough they would run out of feline creatures to call their OSes lol 10.3 reborn as the pink panther...

moocherx said...

Pink Panther would be a perfect name, seeing as most Mac users are g.....
(damn, keyboard stuck)

The Criticizer said...

ms loala:
Have your laugh, you don't know what you're missing. ;P

Heh, good one. TOM maybe. :P

Is there a practical study to prove that? :P