Friday, March 23, 2007

A day at Wafra

Place: Wafra (farms).
Day: Thursday, March 23.


Perfect time to arrive

First impression

Life without technology is too boring

Spider near the bathroom

Yes, it was cold out there

Faster, damn it!

Watch out! Preparing to grill

Charcoal round 2, for shesha

Playing basketball after dinner
Burning up what we ate

Morning view
Setup volleyball net for nothing. Pity

Taking a cruise around the farm
Notice my friend's pants! xD

The swamp

F-ing ugly creatures before they evolve

And even uglier after they evolve

Skinny dipping?

Dogpile! [video]

Wafra Co-op. | Buying stuff for lunch

(RDM) Recognize him? I don't. :P

Packing up after lunch

Ready to leave

Driving back home

End of journey
*looking for other places to hangout next week*


Anonymous said...

zeen sawetaw! wa5rto 3an za7mat eldeera

u were staying in mazra3ah al-baghly?

Sene said...
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Sene said...

Glad to know you had fun!!

KJ said...

That is one HUGEASS spider! Damn!

Elijah said...

That place looks familiar lol

The sunrise is amazing, every morning it's different than the day before.

I'm glad you were able to see it, I've been telling everyone how beautiful it is but no one is willing to get up that early haha.

That's a dinosaur not a spider!!!

The Criticizer said...

No, that's our neighbor's farm.

Thank you.

Correction, that is one HUEGEASS "DEAD" spider. ;P

Familiar? 0_o

Yep. We never sleep when we go there.

& LOL!

Kinan said...

Looks like a lot of fun.

Every once in a while you need to do a similar thing in Kuwait. I am just amazed at the sun rise, extremely beautiful :)

Elijah said...

Oh and why are you insulting froggies?? :(

I love them, they're cute little creatures.

Familiar, meaning Wafra road, I'm on it every damn day! But again the sunrise is beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy seemed like u haad fuuun !!!


o ur frnd's pants !! SEXY :P lol

Kinan said...

Oh, you watch the sunrise on the road I usually watch it in bed with my eyes shut :P

*feeling sorry for elijah*

eshda3wa said...

seems like u had a goodtime
3alaik bel3afya

Elijah said...

Something's wrong with you! I don't like it :( Where the $@*%&* are you

*curses you for being in bed at that time*

The Criticizer said...

Fun indeed. Too bad we didn't get to shoot rats this time. :P

*envies you for having beautiful dreams of beautiful skies*

I'm here.. I've been a bit busy lately but I'll survive, sorry for being away.

Froggies are damn ugly. Deal with it. ;P

You're most welcome, I'll let you know when we're going on our next trip.

& LOL! C'mon, he looks like Nekhi-Bajilla guy with that pants!

allah e3afeech, thanks.

Swair. said...

i just came over to check out ur blog and i see a huuuuuge bunch of pics.. and i LOVE photography, so that caught my attention :p

ya36eek el 3afya oo 3alaik bel 3afya :D

The Criticizer said...

Welcome! I'm glad my dull photography skills attracts attention. :P

Allah e3afeech. ;)

Ms Loala said...

Finally i saw the pictures!!!! I couldn't see them before that's why i didn't comment ;p
Anyhow, it looks great mashalla only missing one thing, a pet! apart from that ugly frog =/
And the sunrise shot, is just amazing

The Criticizer said...

Glad you like'm.

I am amazed by the sunrise shot myself. ;P