Tuesday, March 27, 2007

If you can't beat them, join them

Driving in Kuwait is getting more and more irritating by the second. A normal, respectful I might add, driver would never make it in a hectic world such as ours as long as them are wobbling around our roads. Can we fix that? Can they be stopped? Can we at least avoid them?

Them here refers to those reckless drivers who keep pulling up uncalled for driving techniques whenever they feel like it, them are those who use emergency lane as a high speed zone when you're stuck in traffic, them are the b@stards behind the wheel, those who take your turn in gas stations, those who scratch your car and move on like nothing happened, those who drive -100km/h on high speed lanes, those who take wrong exits and U-turns, them are those who slam the brakes for no apparent reason, and even those who become angry at you even if they're wrong.

I figured out that the only way to survive that war zone is becoming one of them. Not necessarily as low as they are but we need to tag along to make it through otherwise they'll keep screwing at our expense.


EniGma said...

Mac. I figured that out a LONG time ago, when people would take ur turn in the gas station, or when they skip the long line waiting at the u-turn and go straight to the front (and block the other lane), when as a$$hole is behind u and yetarrek even though the middle lane is going at -100 km/h and there are 20 cars in front of u, when you're driving and someone SUDDENLY comes right in front of you causing you to break.. In one of my posts I mentioned that the only way to fix things is by ENFORCING the law.. and I mean REALLY ENFORCING THEM without was6a or anything. And having undercover cops fining the people's asses, until they start driving like civilized people. Shay mo 6abe3y ely 9ayir. The people are disrespectful and selfish.

I could go on and on!

KJ said...

You probably should drive in Dubai and thank God for the drivers of Kuwait

Anonymous said...

LOL! wallah ana ma a5alihom elly y6awfon eldoor oo skip the line in the u-turns. al3an waldeh! awgfah am95rah oo amshi!

but, i think joing them is not the solution, instead, we should nad3elhom allah yahdehoom ;P

Kinan said...

Why do you insult us Mac?

The next time I see your car in the street expect the unexpected :P

Hamza said...

that explains why my friend and his gang go on a spree of spitting on all kuwaiti cars coming to jordan

Intlxpatr said...

Mac, I agree that there are some very ignorant and rude drivers on the road, so self-absorbed that they don't realize the dangers they put others in as well as themselves.

And I totally disagree that becoming ill-mannered and equally rude is the solution.

You've heard of random acts of kindness? I use ELABORATE good manners as a weapon. Our book tells us we heap coals on the heads of those arrogant drivers when we remember our own good manners, and demonstrate them on the road.

Try it. When some jerk is trying to elbow his way in and there is nothing you can do about it, give him an elaborage "Tfadl" gesture. It shames him, and it will give you a grin.

eshda3wa said...

but then ur being part of the problem
not part of the solution
law 3ndna police force nafs elawadim
oo laws that are actually enforced and not washed over by wasta
then itll be all good

The Criticizer said...

Enforcing the law? Those who should be enforcing the law ARE breaking the law.
We will never get rid of was6a, it has become more of a Kuwaiti custom.

I haven't but I can tell they're bad. I'm quite sure they're not as bad as the ones out here.

I've had it with them. I cannot ease my rage unless I screw them like they screw us, "an eye for an eye".

We'll see. ;P

That's hatred. It has nothing to do with the way people drive in Kuwait. Besides, we come second after Saudi drivers in the ignorance and irresponsibility. Don't get me wrong though, that doesn't justify why anyone would drive like that.

Shames them? I don't think so. They will keep on abusing our kindness.

I'm sorry for not explaining my point the right way. I'm not asking anyone to be as sick as those filthy drivers. We should act like that only when we encounter such drivers to make them know how bad it feels.

Same thing said to intlxpatr; I'm not telling anyone to become as ignorant as them, just implement those acts when you come across that kind of drivers to show them how bad it is.

And you said it yourself... "law 3ndna"
Unfortunately "7ameeha 7arameeha", our police force are breaking the law themselves.

Elijah said...

Try driving in Jordan!!

I drive like taxi drivers now lol.

The Criticizer said...

LOL! Is it that bad? I mean you know better, you tried driving here and there, which is worse? :/

Ms Loala said...

Agghh don't get me started!
I'm thinking of migrating, all because of those a$$s ... seriously, i began to curse ever since i started driving and it's getting worse by the minute =\ we can't do anything except that we get rid of all those foreign drivers and taxis, if you think of it; they didn't even drove a cow back in their home, do you expect them to be civilized in driving??

The Criticizer said...

I agree with you but I won't deny the fact that there are stupid Kuwaiti drivers as well and they are more ignorant than any of those foreigners. :/

If you're immigrating to Canada take me with you. :P