Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stand-Up Comedy | Russell Peters

Short clip of one of his best jokes

I'm not a big fan of stand-up comedy shows but I can't deny that I have watched and enjoyed some of them and by far this guy is the best performer I have seen. In my opinion he's even better than Chris Rock.

Russell Peters is a Canadian of Indian roots stand-up comedian who's been in the business since 1989. He's by far the most successful stand-up comedian in Canada and has a great fan base world wide. He has performed in so many countries including UAE.

"His popularity overseas is enormous. In Dubai, his tickets sold at a rate of one ticket every two seconds, crashing the on-line servers and creating pandemonium at the retail outlets." *

I have seen his last show "Russell Peters: Outsourced" on DVD and I swear I cracked up in laughter, I couldn't even breathe at some point! I have never laughed that hard in a long long long time.

Bottom line... You have to watch at least one of his shows.


eshda3wa said...

i wil n then ill tell u wat i think of him

Hamza said...

yea I totally agree with you about Russel Peters. He is indeed the best. Another stand-up comedy guy that I recommend watching is Dave Chappelle. This guy is hilarious. He even has his own show of "Dave Chappelle" Show.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Holy craaaaaaaab! you are a ghost man! you've read my mind! yesterday i decided to post something about him

i just knew about russell peters! my friend showed me last wednesday his latest show.

Very funny guy! go to YouTube and search for russell peters- beating children. Just listen to his chinese accent! amazing

Honey™ said...

i saw almost all his shows .. i love him I REALLY DO ,, he is so FUNNY ;p

Nora-Cassandra said...

Now that's a good stand-up comedian!!

Kinan said...

Oh Russel Peters :D

This guy made my last year through college one heck of a fun time... He is absolutely hilarious, I am just upset he had decided to go to Dubai when I left :(

Favourite Joke: "Oh, you call the cops. Meanwhile, Somebody gonna get hurt real bad!"

LOOOOOOL! Brilliant!


The Criticizer said...

Hope you like'm.

I saw a couple of Chappelle's, he's good but not as good as Russell. imo.

Told ya. ;P

Yeah I saw his a couple of his shows and he told that joke. Funny indeed. ;P

He is indeed! :D


lmao! Yeah that's a good one, not to mention when he let it out all in indian accent. Hilarious! xD

Kinan said...

Indeed :D

Anonymous said...

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