Thursday, March 01, 2007

Aesthetically Petrifying

I cannot understand how such a beautiful thing can annihilate existence in a matter of seconds.


BLaSha said...

the music in the background is jus weird :/ o faj2a tit7awal 7ag brave heart music :/

eshda3wa said...


Kinan said...

Beauty of the Beast.

The music in the background is one my favourite techno tracks. It is actually the techno version of the Braveheart sound track :D

Hussain said...

This beautiful thing is achieved by fusing beautiful other things, which are isotopes of hydrogen atoms!

the ironic thing is.. we use Hydrogen to live and also to destroy!

Hamza said...

beautiful indeed..
We need one of those over Africa

The Criticizer said...

I think it suits the compilation just right. :/

Wow x2.

My point exactly. *gasp*

Those are atomic bombs (explode using uranium), they're less powerful than Hydrogen bombs. ;)

Over Africa? :/

Hitman1 said...

I hope one day we will see an end to Nuclear weapons

The Criticizer said...


KJ said...

It is disturbing... I wouldn't wish that on anyone..

Humans are sad things, really

The Criticizer said...

Disturbing but exquisite. I want one to kill all 3agad.

Elijah said...

I couldn't see it :(

But since everyone is saying it's sad I don't think I want to!

The Criticizer said...

You ought to see it. Buy a Mac! xD

Elijah said...

I was trying it at work, I can see it at home but wallah no time to check at home. Will find the time though :)

Not convinced to get a Mac yet :P

The Criticizer said...

Let me know what you think of it when you see it.

Yet? Ok. :\

Elijah said...

I finally saw it.

I hate humans.

The Criticizer said...

Aren't you one of them humans? *sly*