Tuesday, March 20, 2007

KTS | 36th Educators Conference

I was assigned to attend Kuwait Teachers Society 36th educators conference at Mövenpick hotel in the free trade zone today. They were discussing e-learning and how to apply it on the current curriculum (GCC countries as well), costs, risks, and other related subjects. Simply, it was a circus.

On the first session one of the instructors who has some attitude issues started shouting at the audience. Then, while trying to prove their whole seminar point of better education through e-learning, the projector started to malfunction and one of the laptops (WINDOWS) froze and had to be replaced. It was a dull presentation either ways.

The funny part started when they opened discussion to the crowd, this guy (dressed up in dishdasha and shmaq - turned out to be egyptian) asked for the microphone and started talking about a whole irrelevant subject of how he wrote books predicting things like 1990 Gulf War before it began, and how learning English won't be of use to our students ...etc. He's probably suffering from mental illness or something. He got kicked out.

On the second session (after I went out for breakfast only to find empty plates) there were three instructors demonstrating a new Kuwaiti-made software that can be used in kindergarten and primary school. Although it has lame graphics and even lamer sound effects I admit it's quite impressive because it's pretty simple for an 8-10 year old student to work with.

I'm not going to bore you with this topic but if you want my impression on e-learning being implemented in Kuwait, it will never work as long as there are students like the ones I teach.


The Dagger said...

I am surprised that you didn't burst laughing at that Egyptian! Any way, where do you teach and do you teach?

eshda3wa said...

ya3ne it was a zoo

how nice, how do they expect to controll kids when they cant evern conduct a seminar!

and ur last sentence
watever happened to always believe in ur students

Sene said...

Hey, didn't know you were a teacher.
Good to know that the Egyptian was kicked out. Stupid fella!!
As for your last sentence, be optimistic and positive....

Anonymous said...

LOL @ "dressed up in dishdasha and shmaq - turned out to be egyptian"

i agree with! it won't work in high schools. However, it will work in Universities! Kuwait University is applying it right now! actually, am experiencing it and it's pretty good!

Ms Loala said...

looool that looks so hilarious!
It's frightening how education and culture is turning to be in kuwait. They're not going to succeed if there are discouraged students with frustrated teachers and dull materials.
In case you haven't noticed, this is not the first time that something culutural like this fails.

Hamza said...

I have an idea for e-learning for your class.
Give them wiis and the wii sports package and let them golf, basketball, table tennis and play soccer using their wii controls. Please take a picture for me. That surely going to be hilarious..LOOOL

Elijah said...

You and I need to change professions.

It is said that after 7 years of teaching, a teacher's testimony is not accepted in court. I have reached that point, total insanity.

I hope you wake up before reaching that stage haha.

moocherx said...

since most people at school in Kuwait (in my experience) don't want/need to be educated anyway, may as well throw in e-learning so at least the teachers can get off early.

EniGma said...

that seminast sounded... interesting and fun :P

Elijah said...

enta wayn bti5tafi?

Howahkan said...

That explains why e-government still hasn't been implemented ;p

The Criticizer said...

the dagger:
I did burst out laughing, and the video should have been longer but too bad I ran out of memory.
P.E. @ Jeleeb Al-Sheyokh [link]

Believe in who? Students?! Heh, maybe in other schools but the ones I teach are more of monkeys rather than students. :/
Zoo indeed.

I am optimistic, but I'm slowly loosing faith with those brats.

You're right, university students are responsible enough to handle e-learning. The bad side is, however, it will need more effort from the students themselves to improve.

ms loala:
True. They've been experimenting on the curriculum as much as they like lately and nothing worked.

LOL! Heh, I like that idea. ;D

I'm here, busy checking what's new in real life. :P

I woke up already, hence I signed for that graphics and web design course. ;)

I like the way you think! ;P

Absolutely the contrary. I managed to survive anyways. :P


snookie said...

LOL funniest post in a loooooong time.

loved the last part :D

The Dagger said...
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The Dagger said...

Jeleeb Al-Sheyokh?!! No wonder you don't have faith in your students. You have my sympathy my freind. I hope you get a better chance than those Janagil

The Criticizer said...

Glad you find it amusing. ;)

the dagger:
EnshaAllah I'll file my transfer papers soon, thank you.