Monday, March 12, 2007

Guess who's back!

*goes to kill it*

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sweetd said...

awwww 7arammmmmmm donttt

EniGma said...

hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa if u kill them u'll go to hell.

Ms Loala said...

What's wrong with having sweet little fans? they're so adorable <3

3baid said...

Get a pet cat! :P

Hussain said...

Malk sho'3ooooool fehom kill them yoba OR OR!! get a poster with a giant monster-cat opening its mouth and stick it on the window :P

LaiaLy_q8 said...

i know how you feel because u wanna sleep bss 7araaaaaaaaam

Kinan said...

You should torment them first! Yes yes, torture and then kill ;)

KJ said...

I hope you reincarnate as a wingless deaf bird and as annoying as hell, and then I am so going to shoot you :P

Zed said...

kill the rodents... poison them, better yet, feed them alka seltzer, or vitamin C fizzy, they'll blow up (heard it somewhere)

moocherx said...

you need to get a cat...

The Criticizer said...

If it comes back one more time I will!

I'll pray for forgiveness. :P

ms loala:
Fans?! They're annoying! They keep pecking the glass. :(

Welcome back!
Sounds like a good idea. :D

I like the way you're thinking but I'm looking for something even meaner. :P

7araaam 7araam, so be it. I will kill'em.

Yes yes.. Now we're talking! xD

LOL! I still want to kill them nonetheless.

You're so devilish, I like that! Will follow your lead and let you know. ;P

A cat won't do it, I will get relieved when I kill them!

Elijah said...

Will ya kill me with that bird, too?

EniGma said...

did they build a nest yet?

The Criticizer said...

Only if you want me too. ;P

Nope, they'll never do as long as I'm still breathing. ;P