Friday, March 16, 2007

A day at Kathma

Place: Kathma desert (& farm).
Day: Thursday, March 15.
Time: 1 - 6 pm.


Choosing the perfect spot

Getting down to business

Old school tea

Tools of the trade

SalamAlaikum baba (he wanted some food)

Done with the food & starting the journey

The swamp

On the other end

Sand fortress?!

You know what to do, mooch. :P

Heading to Kathma hills

Getting closer

And closer

Up the hill

Aliens land here I guess

People hanging out down hill

Careful not to fall

Another view

On the way back home

On the way back home x2

In the middle of nowhere

Winding road

End of day.
Next week: Wafra.

*goes to sleeeeep*


uTMoST said...

oohh masadeg hatha bil kw!
what did u do there exactly?
o shaklha yam3a etwanes! 3laikum bl 3afiya !:)

Nxt time e3zmna 3ad:p

EniGma said...

wooooowwwwwwwwww ur pictures 7adhom 3ajeebeeeeen mara sand mara swamp then i dunno what! 3alaik bel 3afya ;>

Kinan said...


Is that in Kuwait?!?!? Looks like a lot of fun. And that hill area, beautiful! :D

Glad you had fun.

moocherx said...

What the hell was tied to that dog???!!!

And where's that place (can you do a google earth link?)... I'll go rescue the mutt if I can find him/her.

3baid said...

Cool pictures, but I couldn't help noticing the litter in the first picture :/

KJ said...

Totally awesome... hope you had fun!

Elijah said...

9a7a w hana :)

Aren't those hills near mi6la3?

Do you need a guide in Wafra? ;P

Zed said...

yet another thing to do and enjoy in kuwait.. to add to my list..

The Criticizer said...

Yep, it's in Kuwait.
We had lunch then went on an adventurous trip around that place, that's all.
Thanks and will do. ;P

hehe .. Allah e3afeech. ;P

Thank you.
Yes, it's known as "Bar Kathma" or "Bar Al-Mi6la3". You should go there sometime. ;)

Looks like he was tied to something and he managed to escape. Don't look at me, I'm no the one who did it! ;P

Here's the place via google earth. [link]

It has always been that filthy, unfortunately. :/

I did, thank you. :D

Allah e3afeech, thank you.

Yes, they are @ mi6la3 (aka kathma)

Sure, next week! :P

Make sure you have a decent 4x4 otherwise you won't make it. Have fun and keep us posted whenever you go there. ;)

Sene said...

Wow! Glad to know u had fun!1

Can u please give me the location of Kathma hills?? I have never even heard of it...It looks beautiful.

The Criticizer said...

Thank you.

Kathma hills are also known as "Bar Al-Mi6la3".
They're located northern Jahra right after Al-Doha power station.

You can see the link I posted in reply for mooch.

Casttro said...

that was cool ;) atmna inkom istanstaw inshalaah

The Criticizer said...

We did, thank you. :)

Mathai said...

really cool ! we didnt have the opportunity to do any barbecuing, maybe next time. Did you guys use live ammunition or was that an air rifle ? :P

MacaholiQ8 said...

Oh don't even think of barbecuing in Kathma Farm... You'll get invaded by a swarm of flies! Maybe out in the open desert or over Mitla'a but not in the farm! :P

And that's an air rifle... A cheap one that it. ;)