Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Poor Guy

Today was a long day at work. I was the only one who had a class at 12 and all my colleagues signed out leaving me alone with them brats. I finished my class, checked everything in our section, closed the lights and locked up, and came back home worn out. All I needed was a peaceful nap.

As soon as I lied down my cellphone rang, my supervisor was on the line asking where I am. I told him I'm at home. He said "Deputy principal called telling me there's someone locked up in our room! They're looking for the keys to open the door for him". I was like "Huh?!! I checked everything and I'm definite no one's there!". "I will see what's going on and give you a call" he replied. I was very anxious if I have locked up on one of the students I'd be screwed but I'm sure there was nobody when I locked up because I checked the main room, side room, storing room, and even the bathroom!

Few minutes passed, I got another call from my supervisor telling me I have locked up on our servant (Bangladeshi guy) who seemed to be napping in the corner of the room under one of our desks where I missed to spot! Thank god he managed to wake up just in time before everybody left the school otherwise he would've had to spend the weekend locked up in there.

It wasn't my fault. :P


Kinan said...

Oh my!

The poor guy.. Imagine he'd been locked up for the weekend?!

It is all your fault you evil thing! :P

Ms Loala said...

That poor guy, i would've imagined if it was me; Sleep or go to the rescue?! ;p

CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said...

happens mate..not your fault! it's his fault I would say. If he was all looking for a nap, he could have accomplished that on one of the front desks...dont worry about it..enjoy your WE. heheh

Hamza said...

Oh my..Oh my..
This place must have been tempting for him to sleep. I'd say he should've picked another spot.

I'd say its not your fault dude.

Hussain said...

LOL! funny story :P

wallah yaksroon 5a6ri hathool! (but not those who pick up trash at the morning)

fee koliatna, ynamoon bel restroom! once they hear the door is opened, they wake up quickly and say "salam alykoom", then if they didn't notice any movement they fall asleep mra thanya :)

Intlxpatr said...

Mac, are you going to be able to go to another school at the end of this year?

Have there been any unexpected blessings teaching in this school?

eshda3wa said...


ur rite its not ur fault, hes an idiot

moocherx said...

part of me wants to say "how could you not have smelled him still in the room".... but I won't say that, because it's mean.

KJ said...

Welcome to the world of evilness. *hands over cursed staff and a rune mace*.

Elijah said...

LMAO, you evil evil thing.

Imagine if you locked me up, I'd haunt you to your grave ;)

Sene said...

Oh dear!!
The poor guy-But an idiot. Not your fault really. At least he wasn't locked for the whole weekend. So, All's well that ends well!!

Nonaw said...

three little letters


Me7sin said...

lol, same thing happened with me at work once, a 60 something yr old bagladeshe tanzifco work went napping under the escalator, and it was a secluded corner where nobody could see him but somehow a family told me about him, ri7t shifta nayim kisar 5a6re fa 5aleeta ekamil nomta ;P

walakin, when their bus came at 10pm they left without him and he spent the night there LOL, oo ma ishtika egool "good sleep sir" the next day ;p

The Criticizer said...

Our room is more like a vault, it's closed with two doors and all windows have metal grills so there's no way he could get out if he was locked for the weekend. Also there's no water inside! Thank GOD he's out otherwise he would have had to drink from the toilet to survive. :P

ms loala:
Sleeeeeeeepppppp! xD

Yeah, he should've napped somewhere else. ;P

I don't like that type of bengalis (the "salamalaikum baba" type). :/

Unexpected blessings? Not at all. The only blessing I have out there is our administration members, they're very kind.

I will be able to transfer at the end of this semester. I will file a transfer order within the next few weeks and hopefully I get transferred to somewhere more civilized.

Thank you for your concern.

Idiot? Maybe.
Irresponsible? Definitely.
What was he thinking napping in working hours?

ROFL!!! xD

Thank you.
*grows evil horns*

If it was you I would've locked you up intentionally. :P

Yep, all is well. But I'm a bit worried he would seek revenge. :P


LOL! Poor old man. But at least he was left out for a day, this one was about to be locked up for a whole weekend!

crazy for converse said...


The Criticizer said...