Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Annoying Birds

This couple has been hanging out my window for several days now. They keep flying into the window making me unable to take a peaceful nap. I tried to scare them away but they keep getting back.

I'm thinking of leaving some poisoned food out the window.


Extinct Dodo said...

at least your birdies dont fly into your window at 220 km/h, shaking your bedroom wall like an earthquake and bursting their heads open, splattering their brains everywhere, after they crack the window 6ab3an :/

Anonymous said...

bes what the hell is he trying to do?

o noooo 7araaaam :( dont kill them!!

Anonymous said...

HeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeH !!! you EVIL !!!

those arent just any birds, those are wonderful ones, they are so peaceful and friendly

you can make money out of it if you catch them and sell them, a couple is worth about 40 KD !!

send them over ;)

LaiaLy_q8 said...

7araaam 3laik

enjoy it while it lasts you might miss them later :p
they are probably the only things that want to be close to you :p

pearls said...

same here. I wake up at the sound of pigeons almost every morning esp. when it's raining outside.

Hussain said...


i've heard that these kind of birds are always attracted peaceful colours. Therefore, i think that your room's colour is the cause :P

am just kidding :)

moocherx said...

just put a length of clear plastic wire (like a fishing line) an inch or 2 above where they stand... then they'll not be able to land and will fly off somewhere else.

Just don't kill them, you mean b*stard!

Elijah said...

Rats w mashaynaha, now birds???

I second mooch :P

EniGma said...

nooooooooo don't kill them! keep scaring them away, they'll get sick of it. Or try putting a mini scarecrow temporarily lol.

Elijah said...

and another thing, I hate it when people take naps so if I were those birds, I'd gather the whole flock and sing rock songs at your window :P

Elijah said...

oh oh and another thing, this is the 3rd non-mac post :)

Elijah said...

ooooooh and one last thing...

tricked ya

haha j/k xD

Yazeed said...

pigeons are rodents.. they are flying rats... kill the pests... poison, but sunflower seeds and alka seltzer... i heard birds blow up when they eat alka seltzer....

Yazeed said...

* buy sunflower seeda

EniGma said...

LOL elijah I just opened this page to comment about this!
So will your next post be Mac related, mac?

Elijah said...

Ok that's it! In case ur still napping:

*drums* *guitar* *hammer*


EniGma said...


stil napping? those birds aren't noisy enough it seems

Elijah said...

On the news I saw the police taking away a lunatic for shooting some birds, and you've been missing? So just wanted to check up on ya? ;P


The Criticizer said...

I'm not living in a skyscraper so I don't have to worry about that. ;P

The outer side of the window reflects the sky and seems like he's trying to fly into the sky on the window. :/
I will kill them when I get the chance.

plastic sword:
I know what they are yet they disturb me so if I ever catch them I will chop their heads off and eat them grilled.
Have you been selling such stuff in souQ el 7amam? :P

Ouch! That's wasn't so nice to say. :'(

Pigeons are one matter I got over with long ago, now I got these two "bullbulls" :/

My window is reflective. ;P

mooch: LOL! xD
Good idea but too late, worms are chewing on them by now.

elijah: (# stands for each comment)
1) You haven't seen the rats I'm talking about. I will post them for you and you be the judge weather they deserve to be killed or not.
2) You and your flock would be shot with a bazooka by then. :P
3) Shows how much I love my regular readers? ;P
4) grrrrrrrr! xD
5) lol! I didn't have internet access that's all.
6) L O L ! I S A I D , I D I D N O T H A V E I N T E R N E T A C C E S S ! ! 1 1 1 O N E . . . xD

I'm here, darn-it!

enigma: (# = same thing as above)
1) Scarecrow? lol! I'm fed up with scaring them since they keep getting back. :/
2) D E F I N I T E L Y! :P
3) 7anna 7annnnaaaaaaa 3ama!!!! I did not have InterScheiße access!! :(

Pigeons? Either you're bird-blind or haven't seen the movie! :P
if that method works on those birds I'd be glad to try it. ;P

Elijah said...

Mac? Is that you? who bailed you out?? xD

I'm so gonna get beaten, but who cares, I'm enjoying this. ;P

Anonymous said...


dont worry cute little birdies ;( NO ONE is gonna hurt u ..

EniGma said...

why not? its better than killing them 7araaaaaaaamm :/ like i said, put a scarecrow. dont u have any of your old action figures? ;p

elijah. he got temporarily insane from these birds, so he went out and started shooting at every bird he can see, shouting and shooting like a lunatic. Then, you know the rest. police comes, bla bla bla. he called a friend who called me and he got bailed out for free (was6a :P). No charges were filed. We promised the police men that he would never do this again.

EniGma said...

and to make sure he doesn't do it again, he is permitted to write a Mac post. Maybe that was the reason for his temporary insanity. I knew innocent little birds wouldnt drive someone on their own. Its Mac withdrawal.

The Criticizer said...

Beating up women is not a decent thing to do. However, with my new criminal record, I would consider killing you with them birdies. :P

You're toooooo late! *evil look* xD

Have your laugh. You're right after elijah on my assassination list. xD

Today them birdies were on the edge of my window, yet again, but I couldn't take another video clip cuz the battery was dead. More or less, I promise to take a good video of their execution.

Anonymous said...


Deerbalik layfajroon nafs'huum lOl

Anonymous said...

:O :O :O :O :O :O
DDEEAADDD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elijah said...

enigma: Will you bail me out when I kill Mac?? It's self defense, he's out to get me xD and you too.

The Criticizer said...

Yeah, I saw one holding C4. :P

*goes to hide*

2 agianst 1! That's not fair! :(


Ms Loala said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ms Loala said...

Oh no they're cute, how about letting them breed for a moment ;p

The Criticizer said...

ms loala:
You mean so I can have more of them bastards? Hell no! They'll be killed soon and that's for sure. x(

Anonymous said...

Leave bird with seed rat poison near the ledge. Or give them a dose of lead poisoning (with an air rifle)

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