Friday, January 19, 2007

Gaucho Grill | Take Two

If my first experience was bad then this is the story closure for this restaurant; it sucks to the core.

Yesterday I was invited to The Gaucho Grill and I couldn't refuse. Me and my friends were meeting someone important and he chose the restaurant.

Once again with the waiter who comes holding a plate with steaks, he kept flipping them around with his bare hands describing what's this and what's that (mooch, looks like it's one of their mores). I ordered Caudril steak but the waiter said they don't have any, instead they have Ostrich meat as a non-fat steak! I don't want any ostrish!t steak! Give me my specific order or don't put it on the menu!

Anyways... There was nothing else to order so I had to be stuck with steak De Auncho, it has more fat than meat and I ended up eating two chunks only and left the plate untouched. Note that the food was also cold when delivered. And there's no need to talk about the bill.

Now the only good things in the restaurant are their Sun Burst drink and Argentinian spicy sauce served before you start ordering. Other than that I would never want to be caught dead in that restaurant.

Keep your cow coated chairs to yourself, I'm going to Badr Al-Budor.


Purgatory said...

I think you are just cursed :P

don_veto said...

I never had a bad experience at Gaucho Grill, I think it is pretty good.

don_veto said...
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Ms Loala said...

I never tried steaks outside my house simply because they're too thick to eat + red in the inside and black on the outside .. Anyways, it sounded good.. bel 3afya macboy ;p

Hussain said...

LOL! dude, it seems like you have some problems with foods and/or restaurants. Your taste is so hard to be satisfied.

anyway, try restaurant called "Bam Bam" at Laila Gallery. choose chicken sizzler. WALLAH this is the best chicken sizzler i've ever eaten; it tastes like heaven :P. Try it oo Ed3ely; i promise you won't regret. Also, they have amazing steaks there!

If you are looking for burgers, "Burger Boutique" at Al-Rayah Complex is the best choice!; if u got a chance to go there, order mini burgers!

Nonaw said...

LOL@Badr Al-Budor.

The Criticizer said...

Yeah, maybe I am. :/

To each his own taste and it doesn't suit my taste I guess. :/

ms loala:
Yeah, home made food is always better. And it wasn't good at all. :(
Allah e3afeech.

Yeah, I'm not easily satisfied when it comes to food, a bit conservative when it comes to trying new restaurants as well.

Burger Boutique is nice but not as good as Johnny Rockets, imo.

Thanks for the tips, I'll makes sure to try them but prepare to be judged when they turn out to be bad. :P

Falafil + bu6a6 mdawar = "tEh Besst" ;P

Chica Bonita Q8 said...

never been there closest I got to was shogun which I recently went to and ended up getting food poisoning so needless to say i'm not going there anytime soon and thanks for the tip about guacho girll i'm going to steer away from that too ..

Hussain said...

LOL! ok man; am waiting for your evaluation :)

Yazeed said...

nothing beats the chicken sandwichs at "weekends" salmiya hehe..... if you want good steaks, go to the terrace grill at the jw marriot....

The Criticizer said...

Whoa! Food poisoning, that'll make me sure not to step near that place. :/
No probs.


That was where we were heading till my friend asked our guest to recommend a place he likes and the mofo chose GG. :/

moocherx said...

glad to see the waiters are still trying to posion the customers by fingering the meat!!!!!

The Criticizer said...

Yeah, it's utterly disgusting! I wish I know how to react in such situations otherwise I would've told him to shove his steaks up his @$$.

Elijah said...

Ya 3ammy what's wrong with falafil :)

The Criticizer said...

Nothing is wrong with falafil. I will open The Gaucho Fries and add falafil to the main course menu. :P

Equalizer said...

Gaucho is the best steak house in Kuwait, but I guess people have different experiences / tastes.

The Criticizer said...

You don't have to guess; it's a fact that people have different experiences/taste. But when that experience occurs more than once, you have made sure what restaurant that is.

raulin said...

The food ain't bad but steak without
red wine ain't steak .Regarding the handling of the food incredible right in front of the client! but I seen that in Carrefour people handling fruit with no gloves disgusting would not be allowed do that in Spain..