Saturday, January 13, 2007

Review | Café Blanc

Due to external pressure I am compelled to post a non-Mac-related topic so here it goes...


Yesterday me and a couple of friends had dinner at Café Blanc, Marina Crescent. Personally I don't like to try new restaurants but once I was told it's Lebanese food I accepted.

So off we went, sat inside because it was raining outside, skimmed the menu and started off with some random mazzeh (starters) and drinks. The tabbouleh and hummus were typically good, cheese rolls (?sambosak?) were very VERY tasty. I don't know about the drinks since I ordered regular coke but seems like my friends were pretty happy with their drinks.

Now for the main course we had a plate of random grills, that includes kebab, shesh-tawoq, and kofta. However, nothing was really good, acceptable maybe but not good compared to other Lebanese restaurants. The kabab was rubbery and could not be cut easily making me struggle to cut a piece. I wished for a carpet cutter or a chain saw to cut it!

Other than that everything was quite perfect, the environment was very calm and the service was great, the shisha was pretty nice in both looks and taste (picture on the right), and best of all was the bill. Let's just say I payed quarter what I payed at The Guacho Grill.

So there, hope this makes up for those who are putting me down with pressure. :P

UPDATE: Almost forgot...

Good bless the troops of anti-sushism.


Will said...

THANK YOU for not posting another Mac related topic. I was going to comment about that but I was too lazy.
But yeah you're Macaholi you should be posting Mac related stuff :P

Hmm now about the restaurant,
not into Lebanese food.
& I hate sheesha the smell of it gives me headaches :\

EniGma said...

and he buckles under pressure :)

Oh by the way, your next post is not allowed to be mac related either ;P

Extinct Dodo said...

im in the sushi army ranks and hate lebanese food, but i have to admit that cafe blanc is yummy, especially their spicy bo6a6 cubes (nisait isma on the menu) and something to do with 3a9foor (slivers of beef) and the cheese rolls are amazing

omg im gonna die. im gonna ruin my diet and go to johnny rockets for breakfast first thing tomorrow morning wilsiba int :((

Elijah said...

LOOOL! you are adorable! but that doesn't get you off the hook so easily! like enigma said:

next post = no Mac :D Count your blessings at least we didn't say the next FOUR!

Now to the post, hate Lebanese food.

Is that really the shisha they have?, never thought they could make it look so elegant, nice!

Now was it really that hard what you did? Everyone is satisfied ;P

Anonymous said...

i loooove their sheesh 6awooq !! oo 3indohom this very cuute bright pink colored pickles -YUMMY- oo they have ba3ad kobba -ALSO YUMMY- oooooo akeeeed il samboosa malat'hom 7ilwaa xD hehehehe ..

eee eee o their friez !!!!!!!

The Criticizer said...

I'm obsessed, nothing I can do about it. :P

That's mean! How come you obligate me in my own blog? :'(

Hehe j/k ..
Look who's talking, Ms. One-Post-A-Week! xD

Sushi's disgusting! Some of the things I tried at Maki tastes like rusted metal! (yes, I know what it tastes like!) *barf*

You're on a diet, Ana shakoooooo?! :/
*goes to eat at chili's* ;P

But... but...

*feels down*

*goes to the corner of the room*

*breakdown with tears* :'(

Hehe .. *whispers: I will show you, enigma* ;P

Yepp, that's their shesha. Highly recommended but not without dinner cuz then it will cost 7KD! :/

Not so hard but I was obligated to do it! BEHOLD MY NEXT POST, DEFINITELY A MAC! xD

You made me feel hungry!
*goes to check the fridge*

moocherx said...

I'm very disappointed I had nothing to read about Macs today. it's like going cold turkey...

The Criticizer said...

You're just jealous you have to be stuck with WineDoze. :P

Made n Q8 said...

akelhm 7ilo bas wayed ye7e6oon salt !!

MacaholiQ8 said...

Probably, yet there are better options for lebanese food. I personally think the best is Palm Palace and the new restaurant Snobar.

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