Monday, January 22, 2007

Web Designer | At Last

Back in December '06 I got a confirmation regarding my subscription to Web Designer magazine and finally after four months I have received my first copy.

However, this issue shouldn't be my first since I've subscripted last October and this issue is January's issue; issue No. 127, whereas issues 125 and 126 were supposed to be sent out to me but they never reached here.

Fortunately I have contacted the person who's responsible and I was told that those two issues were out of stock therefore my subscription will be extended to include two more issues.

It's all good although I really hated thinking that I've been e-robbed.


Anonymous said...

Akheeraaaan!? :P

Btw It looks similar to "arts projects" magazine

Anonymous said...

Is it the same ?


"shotgun" ;P

Hussain said...


dude, are you using united network? wire (cable) or wireless??

and one more thing, do you know about mr.lambo from q8speed? well, he is my lil brother :). What a coincidence!! :)

Nonaw said...



The Criticizer said...

Yep, akheeeran! =)
It's not the same, Web Designer is published by Imagine Publishing and Arts Projects isn't. However, they're both based in the UK.

Yes, United Networks 256kps wireless connection.
Of course I know him! He helped me out on Operation Redecoration by sending over some pics of his room at Q8speed. Coincidence indeed, a great one that is. Haha!!
Pleased to know who you are bro. ;)

Thanks! =)

Elijah said...


*loooooooooooong sigh* ;P

Kinan said...

e-robbery is a b*tch!

The Criticizer said...

Yep. I was about to give up so it's all good.

Sure thing. :/

Ms Loala said...

lol omg i tottaly forgot to tell you, well it's too late now but congratulations ;p

PS; they said you should call them and see what's wrong and have a proof of the withdrawal and if it didn't work you you should inform the bank. i KNOW it's late :D

The Criticizer said...

lol! Yeah too late, thanks anyways. :P