Saturday, December 16, 2006

I've been ROBBED!

Last October I have subscribed to Web Designer magazine, published by Imagine Publishing Ltd., and subscription fees (£80.00 = 45KD) were deducted from my Visa account. There was a disclaimer that international subscriptions may take around 28 days to be processed. However, I haven't collected any issue during November therefore I had contacted Web Designer magazine through emails. I was asked for proofs that money has been withdrawn from my Visa account and so I did, I have downloaded my Visa statement regarding that specific transfer from my bank's site and forwarded it. Then I got another email telling me that bank statement cannot be accepted because it's an Excel file and was asked to take a screen capture of that statement online and forward it, which I did, but I haven't gotten any reply yet. I called NBK and the guy told me to wait for a reply (email). WTH?! It's been almost two months and a half since I have subscribed and yet no issues were delivered neither this problem has been solved now you tell me to wait for a F-ing reply?

I will go check with NBK tomorrow and let them look into this subject themselves.

* Many thanks to moocherx for his seal of disapproval.


3baid said...

It sucks to be e-robbed :/

don_veto said...

Make a complaint to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in their area, to your bank and Visa, and send copies of all these complaints to their management. It should get them jumping.

moocherx said...

If you can contact them and they agree they've screwed up and your subscription is fine, I can give you my home address and for now they can post your missed issues to my home in the UK and I'll bring them back Jan 12th... if you think that may be useful.

The Criticizer said...

This is the first time for me.
"kill 6agga eb ta3loma". :/

don veto:
Thank you so much for the advice.
I have sent an email to their managing director so I'll give it a couple of days, if he doesn't reply then I'm definitely going with your tip.

Thanks mate, I appreciate your help. I will let you know as soon as they reply and confirm my subscription. If it's not confirmed, I will go with don_veto's solution.

Elijah said...

The title reminded me of Tom & Jerry, when Tom takes pictures of Spike stealing meat and shows them to the owner. Spike looks through the window and says: "I've been FRAMED" :P

Hope it works out for you, keep us updated.

LinG-BLinG said...

God this sucks!
sometimes u just have to accept it & do nothing about it :/ u've been robbed .. thats it.

The Criticizer said...

LOL! Tom & Jerry is the best cartoon ever! ;)

Update is on the way...

Well, I have received a confirmation that my subscription is now active and I will start receiving them issues soon.

Hamza said...

I think you should be thankful. At least you are robbed and you KNOW about it. I had an incident where I subscribed to a gym for a year and then I decided NOT to renew. 6 months later, I discovered they were still deducting the subscription fee..

It sooo pissed me off