Sunday, December 10, 2006

Operation Redecoration | Phase 4

Closeup of the leather carpet from Midas.

- Fri., Dec. 1 | Paint the walls | (29KD) [1] [2]
- Sun., Dec. 3 | Install parquet floor | (136KD) [1] [2] [3]
- Wed., Dec. 6 | Receive the bed | (354KD) [1] [2] [3]
- Sat., Dec. 9 | Receive the desk | (65KD) [1] [2]
- Sat., Dec. 9 | Receive TV/Stereo unit | (128KD) [1] [2]
- Update: Sat., Dec. 9 | Leather Carpet | (28KD) [1] [2]

Today I have received the computer desk and tv/stereo unit from IDdesign. To be honest I was kind of disappointed how they did not fit my room like I imagined but it is all good. I also went to Midas today and got a fake leather carpet. It doesn't look good in the pictures but it does look neat in reality. However, the room still needs some minor touches. I need a curtain, trash box, laundry basket, wall decorations, and best of all, which I don't know how it slipped my mind as you might have already noticed, I have forgotten to get some bed sheets! Which means I still have to sleep on the ground for a day or two. *sigh*

*goes to IKEA for them "minor touches"*


Bella Color said...

Mabrooouk... thats a nice room :)

I really like the color of ur walls.

my advice, if u need accessories for ur room, go to the ONE... they have a huge variety of modern accessories that matches ur taste...

Extinct Dodo said...

i need some curtain ideas too, help me out!! shaklik you're gonna finish before me :(

moocherx said...

sleeping on the ground? after you spent all that money I think even a cheap sultan centre sheet would be worth it so you can sleep on your bed

p.s..... you're right about the photo of the leather carpet ;-)

The Criticizer said...

Thanks for the tip. I got the bed from THEone and I looked around for some sheets, they look great but they're way overpriced. My sister recommended HOME Centre & IKEA so I'm gonna go check there soon.

Yeah, I was wondering when you're going to finish since you never mentioned anything about your "operation redecoration". :/
Anyways... I'm going for something as simple as this. Otherwise, I'll just get a simple IKEA curtain and finish up everything. If you like that curtain style on the pic let me know so I can provide you with their contact number. Good luck!

That's what I did! I got one of my old bed sheets. The double layer mattress is unbelievably comfortable. I slept like baby koala attached to his mom. Was late at work! ;P

Elijah said...

Yaaaaay!! almost there! Looking good, but pay attention when you the curtains, you need something dark so the reflection from the window won't appear on the TV screen.

Is there a mirror anywhere??

Anonymous said...

Get Fuchsia Sheets LOL!

Extinct Dodo said...

i LOVE that concept... wain wain wain?!?!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

wow! i like its color!

bas moo a7la min my bedroom ;P , wala shraik ?

just kiddin' .. looks great already

Z said...

I love redecorating! Ikea is the place to go to for minor touches. :) Midas also has some pretty things!

Bella Color said...

go to home center... wayeeed a7la min ikea

The Criticizer said...

No, no mirror yet but I will get one. And so far the curtain will look like the link on my earlier comment but with black shade and silver ending. Gotta see how much that costs cuz I'm almost bankrupt! :/

LMAO! How about toilet paper? Better and less expensive. :P

VEROSOL: 4334013
Hope the haven't changed their number cuz I called at 8:30pm and no one answered. Or maybe they close at 8? Anyhow .. let me know what you think.

Thanks bo3ali. Your room does look great. It looks very calm with its soft colors.

I might go check IKEA and Midas tomorrow. Thanks for passing by.

*hoping dodo doesn't see this comment*
HOME CENTRE sucks. Actually I was there a few hours ago and neither their sheets nor their accessories look good. :/

Extinct Dodo said...

hahahha i never said anything about their bedspreads nor their accessories, i just liked their bedrooms ROFL :P

The Criticizer said...

LOL! I know but I was generalizing.

Home Centre as a whole sucks, sorry.

*Rephrasing so you won't get mad*

Home Centre is not my type, sorry. ;P

CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said... what are you waiting for? get married and enjoy the life mate...:D LOL

The Criticizer said...

Naaaahhhhhhh man, you first. ;P

CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said...

yeah? okay! I am going to do it in 2007 for sure! just waiting for bro to clear off! LOL...I think he will marry in couple months!...then its my turn...time to end my 25 years of sacred, kept like a treasure virinity LOL!!!!!!!

The Criticizer said...

LMAO! Sacred indeed!! Good luck to you and your bro. Don't you worry, I know for sure that year '08 won't pass without me getting married. xD