Friday, December 22, 2006

Operation Redecoration | Phase Finale

IKEA BRAVUR watch reflecting my Mac.

- Fri., Dec. 1 | Paint the walls | (29KD) [1] [2]
- Sun., Dec. 3 | Install parquet floor | (136KD) [1] [2] [3]
- Wed., Dec. 6 | Receive the bed | (354KD) [1] [2] [3]
- Sat., Dec. 9 | Receive the desk | (65KD) [1] [2]
- Sat., Dec. 9 | Receive TV/Stereo unit | (128KD) [1] [2]
- Sat., Dec. 9 | Leather Carpet | (28KD) [1] [2]
- Update: Wed., Dec. 20 | Verosol Curtain | (55KD) [1] [2] [3]

Other stuff:-
- IKEA | BRAVUR wall watch | (15KD) [1] [2] [3]
- IKEA | Steel bulletin board (x2) | (7KD) [1] [2]
- TrueValue | Black leather trash box | (2KD) [1]

Operation overview:-

  • Duration | Almost one month.

  • Money $pent | Around 770KD.

  • Conclusion: Operation Redecoration is a success.

    I've realized that my room looks more of a mixture between retro bedroom style and secretary office. More or less, pictures don't give the room its justice because it looks way better in real life and I'm happy for that. However, it's not really the end of O.R. since I still have one more thing in mind (Does BRAVIA ring any bells? ;P) but I'll leave that for next month. The only bad side is the room size, if it was a little bit bigger it would've looked a lot better.

    UPDATE: "Why be nice when you can be a little naughty and spoil yourself?"
    -- Just a teaser for Elijah ;P

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    Elijah said...

    So between 2 and 8 you were taking pics of your clock ;P

    I love bulletin boards!

    The normal TV looks fine for now, stop being a spoiled brat *hides so she won't be hit*

    Mabrouk hon looks great!

    snookie said...

    3al baraka MAC, everything looks great :D

    but that plasma would be super tight ;P

    Anonymous said...

    nice room!

    I highly recommend BRAVIA!

    it's the most amazing tv i've ever seen. it has a light sensor that can auto-adjust the color, lightness and darkness of screen depending on your room lights!

    Also, it has plasma technology + projector and lcd technology. so, you will get clear image(image don't be dark)when watching from either sides of the tv. this feature can't be found in other plasmas

    Elijah said...

    LOOOL! @ update xD

    I only said that out of jealousy ;P

    You work hard for ur money, so indulge urself kiddo :)

    Jacqui said...

    What you need to do now is take a full image with everything in place. Hehehe so we get to see the full shot, and if its in panaroma it would be better ;P

    The Criticizer said...

    ROFL!!! xD

    I was about to start shooting pics when my mom asked me to help her with something and I had to go out. That explains the gap between 2 till 8.

    You're right about the TV I already have, it does the job but who can resist a 40" LCD?! I know I can't! :P

    Anyways.. Thanks.
    And you don't have to be jealous. You can have a lot better than that. ;P

    And so it will! Stay tuned. :P
    Thanks gurl.

    I am considering Bravia LCD because it does standout in a lot of comparisons between other LCDs. Now I'm sure I was fooled by their HD DVD that they demonstrate on every showroom since I doubt I'll ever get that quality on my normal setup, but that won't let me seek other than this Sony KDL-40V2500. ;)

    Thanks for passing by.

    See now that's the problem. My room is too small, i can't take a decent shot of it. :/

    If you would lend me your Sony camera I would get some "panorama" shots for you. ;P

    j/k .. here, suit yourself with these and use your imagination. :P

    And as I have mentioned, pics don't give my room its justice.

    Anonymous said...

    mabroooooooooK!! ur mac looks goood :P loool !!
    listen .. i need to ask u something.. do u kno a software that converts RAM to WAV for mac os 10? for FREE?? i really need one o 9arlee sina adawiir makuu :(

    The Criticizer said...


    Audio Hijack: Audio recorder that will come in handy if you want to record (convert) Real Audio into any other type.

    You must have overlooked this one on my Renegades Reference.

    However, that program won't simply "convert" RAM & RM files into any other. You will have to play those Real Media files and "Record" them using AudioHijack.

    EniGma said...

    Am I the only one who couldn't find a picture of the room? I wanna see!
    I recently redecorated my room, and enjoyed every mintue of it especially the wall painting- drawing the design was not so easy though.
    I'm assuming you already have a pic of the 'final phase', so please, a link for a n00b who cant find her way!

    The Criticizer said...


    Just check the links with the numbers [1][2][3] .. etc. on the side of every task in my list. And check the ones I posted on my earlier comment in reply for jacqui.

    Sorry for that. Just to keep it neat I had to make the links simple as [1][2].. etc.

    What can I say, I'm a perfectionist. :P

    Amola said...

    nice job ^_^

    EniGma said...

    hehehe I missed that. You know what.. Your room needs just a little hint of another colour, say, ReD? ;) (me loves red!)
    Bas 3ashan takser el dark mood.

    Anonymous said...

    laa i downloaded that :P i taqreeban downloaded everything :P bes ma3arif i use them x$

    The Criticizer said...

    Thank you! o(>_<)o

    I would love to add some more touch ups here and there. I'm open for any recommendations so please feel free to share your thoughts, as long as Red isn't involved of course. Red isn't the color for me, I hate it. :P

    LOL! Well I'm afraid I cannot help you with that, not at the moment I mean. I'm too lazy to get through steps.

    I will try to post the method of how to record them but not now. I'll be glad to give you step by step demonstration whenever I get the chance.

    Anonymous said...

    thaaaaank uuuuuu .. bes i dont wanna bother uu x$ walla 9iij its fine!! ana at3abath o eventually i'll figure it out!! thats how i live my life a9lan LOL :P

    thankz ;p

    EniGma said...

    '3al6aaaaaan! Red goes well with the colour of your room and you're not gonna be filling your room with red stuff, just a little touch.

    And you need to put some things on your wall. A shelf or two, a board fe pics and stuff, lou7at, etc.

    The Criticizer said...

    Ok, suit yourself. If you need any help you know where to find me. ;P

    Well I don't know about Red but I cannot figure out what to have! Gimme some suggestions.

    I already have a watch that is taking a whole wall and on the opposite side I have two bulletin boards meant to attach random prints of anything that would look appropriate for decoration (i.e. pics/lo7at).