Friday, November 24, 2006

Operation "Redecoration"

Some of you already know that I'm on the verge of redecorating my room and I had a couple of posts about it earlier on my blog.*

Anyways, time has come to initiate "Operation Redecoration" and get it over with so I'll make a small to-do list to organize the flow of transformation.

- Paint the walls. (est. 40KD)
- Wengé parquet floor. (est. 120KD)
- BoConcept bed w/o frame. (est. 460KD)
- IKEA Lack Floating wall shelf. (est. 15KD x2)
- IDdesign black glass desk. (est. 60KD)
- IDdesign TV/Stereo unit. (est. 80KD)
- SONY 40" BRAVIA KDL-40V2500. (est. 750KD)
--+ Other stuff (100~200KD)

Now let me clarify before you go on commenting about these prices; it'll take me around three months to scratch every single term in that list so I will start with my priorities and leave the rest for the next month and so on.

* Older posts: [post 1] [post 2]


Elijah said...

Sell whatever can be sold and get it done all at once. It's terrible doing it one by one.

extinct said...

you didnt like the stuff at "home centre"?!?!

LaiaLy_q8 said...

good luck
you reminde me of my dad kil shay yabeen black
lighten up dude :p

Adorra said...

Good luck! very retro

Jacqui said...

Nice I like your vision and hopefully we'll see a beautiful in the end, just be sure to show us :P

Aurora said...

I like the way you've set everything out clearly

the black glass desk sounds hot!!!

Moe said...

It looks lovely! I was wondering where you'd get the wenge parquet floor from? I'm looking into options for parquet floor and your choice looks utterly delectable.

moocherx said...

I have the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on in my life, and it came from IKEA. 100 for the frame, 85 for the mattress. King size. I don't want to get out of it in the morning!

The Criticizer said...

There's nothing that can be sold in my room. Even if there is, my mom wants to give out some stuff for charity so I'm giving them to her.

*hesitating to say "No" so you don't whip his @$$* lol .. Not really, they have great stuff but I couldn't resist that BoConcept bed! Otherwise I was about to go for THIS one. :/

lol! Thank you, but I've lightened up long enough. My "former" room had white x light green setup. Your father's my hero! ;P

Thank you! ;)
Better than a pink room, eh? ;P

Will do, keep tuned in. ;P

Thanks! It is HAWT!
Wait till you see it. ;P

Thank you! I will get, well actually have already gotten, the parquet floor from AJAL @ Al-Salhiya complex. Their prices are good and they have a great variety of colors.

If you don't want AJAL then there's Al-Shaye3 group at Shwaikh. They also sell great floors for decent prices.

mooch: It's all about the mattress! Whether you sleep on Aladin's bed or on the floor; as long as you have a comfy mattress you're on the safe side for peaceful sleeping.