Saturday, November 18, 2006

Enough of 2006

I've been very depressed the past weekend for many reasons; I've lost a friend, feeling my injury's getting back on my right hand, and been having troubles at work. This year just doesn't want to pass peacefully.

My friend, Fawaz Al-Jarki, was the youngest among us. He graduated from high school last year and had been accepted in a military scholarship in UK's air force for pilot rank. Unfortunately he had to pass that scholarship due to medical issues to stay here in Kuwait and continue at KUNIV just to wait for his fate to come.

The day my friend passed away I was playing football and the ball hit my hand and dislocated my thumb. Nothing serious except that I'm feeling the pain of my old injury getting back at me.

Last Wednesday our school principal called for me to tell me that I have been transferred to one of the worst schools in Kuwait at Jeleeb Al-Sheyokh and there's nothing I can do about it. Jeleeb Al-Sheyokh as in the ultimate shYt hole in Kuwait where there's no trace of modern life or even Kuwaiti citizens. I've been trying to reach out to anyone possible to avoid this transfer but it looks like it will happen whether I like it or not.

So there, enough of 2006 because this year is by far the worst year ever and it seems like it's lasting for ever.


Extinct-Dodo said...

3a'9am allah ajrik fee your friend. i agree with you, this year has been nothing but na7s. the evil streak started pretty early in the year for me too, and it doesn't look like its gonna give any time soon. ugh :(

LaiaLy_q8 said...

Allah yer7amah your firend

3assa an takraho shay2an wahwa 5airan lokom

i am sure God has better plans for you inshalla

Me7sin said...

who would u have to "see" in order to get urself into another school rather than that shit-hole?

Elijah said...

I don't think any words, anyone or anything but time will get the pain to lessen a little bit, but of course it will never let u forget and this could be a good thing. You'll be able to remember the good times you shared and all his good qualities.
He was blessed to have friends that care.

See a good doctor abroad! I've seen the difference between surgeries done here and the same ones done abroad!

Sorry can't help u on this one 'no was6a', but if u do get stuck, u might get the nicest kids, the staff might suck but when it happened to me, I spend most of the time in the playground playing with the kids. Don't know if it works the same in Kuwait.

And I think THIS MONTH alone is lasting forever!

I try to think of life as a 'play' and we're all actors. Eventually, the script is bound to end!

Anonymous said...

It's Over Soon =)
1 Month 12 days to go
Hang in there

moocherx said...

Cheer up :) Don't wait for the year to pass... at least give December 1st a chance - it's a lot closer.

Intlxpatr said...

Sometimes, when the WORST thing happens, something good comes out of it. This school might be awful, and it may also may be an opportunity for you. Things aren't always what they appear to be. . .I hope it works that way for you.

The Criticizer said...

dodo: Ojorna o jorkum enshallah.
Allah kareem, still preparing for what could be worse.

laialy: Ojorna o ojorkum enshalla. You're right.

me7sin: I did almost everything but to no league. I have reached parliament members, some people at MOI and last but not least some relatives relations to impress on whose had anything to do about it but nothing happened. I guess I'll have to give it a shot. =/

elijah: Thank you.
I've seen a doctor several times and had a couple of cortisone shots in my wrists and my hands were fine till this happened. Still hoping it's nothing but a bruise after dislocating my thumb. Only time will tell.

fayoora: I cannot take it anymore. :(

moocherx: Will do. Thanks.
*fingers double crossed*

intlxpatr: Thank you. I've been thinking about that as well so I'll have to execute my transfer decision to judge whether it's good or not. Going with all hopes although I don't think I have any left for this year. :/

Anonymous said...

I know u can
U know u can
We All know you can ;P

do you want some cheerleadrs? =P

I'll joke all day for you until we reach 2007 ;P

The Criticizer said...

Thanks for the cheer up but seriously, you think you can adapt to waking up every morning knowing that your day just won't pass peacefully in a sh!tty working enviournment and still manage to cheer up and smile? Think about it.

I know I cannot lie to myself, my job sucks and it's stressing me out. Hence I've signed for the G&WD diploma to, hopefully, start a divert in my path.

moocherx said...

Incidentally.... are you Kuwaiti? I would LOVE to be Kuwaiti in this country, as there are so many business opportunities where you can make money AND be your own boss.

If your job sucks, consider finding a partnership with an overseas country for a product or services they want to provide to Kuwait. It's totally worth the effort.

The Criticizer said...

mooch: Yes I am. I know the opportunities that I have as a Kuwaiti citizen but they all need a decent budget which I don't have. I will try and stash some money to work something out hence I've signed for that Graphics & Web Design hopefully to start a small business.

"consider finding a partnership with an overseas country for a product or services they want to provide to Kuwait. It's totally worth the effort." -- mooch

Please enlighten me about this subject, whether on here or get a post about it on your blog.