Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I'm still laughing about this so here's what happened...

A couple of days ago I had two posts on how to crack Ninja Kitten's Menufela and guess what, I got BUSTED! LOL!

Fjölnir Ásgeirsson (aka Ninja Kitten), somehow, found about this and ?he? left me a comment under the name of aptiva.

"aptiva said...

Thanks, I'll make sure to fix this issue in the next version...

- Fjölnir Ásgeirsson Aka Ninja Kitten

Well, I never thought this would happen but since it has, first I would like to apologize to Fjölnir and I really do wish ?him? all the best with his applications. I know what I did was wrong but don't hate me for it. It's by far my first crack and it was nothing but "logic", anyone else would've gotten to it.

And while we're at it, still hoping you see this request, can you work on something to expand/extend the menubar so it can hold more menu items?

As I promised in my reply to your comment, I am willing to donate more than what you're asking for if you came up with that "menubar expantion" and I will also run Menufela clean.

So there. Yet again sorry and I wish you all the best.


LinG-BLinG said...

thats weird! heheh i couldn't believe it!
lucky u ;)

3baid said...

I have nothing to do with this, I'm innocent!


Anonymous said...

Told ya, don't brag..

The Criticizer said...

ling-bling: Lucky? Heh, I shouldn't have been caught if I was lucky! ;P

3baid: Killa minnik! You got me into this! lol xD

anonyShyt: You don't get it, do you? I've already told you, since when did sharing become bragging? Besides, I do have to get some credit for what I did.

Keep your thoughts to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Don't be stupid and arrogant, and before you start calling me names, understand what I said and what I am going to tell you again. You don't crack a program, and brag about it on YOUR OWN BLOG (emphasis added). Sure you can share it, but not on YOUR OWN BLOG with YOUR OWN SIGNATURE. I too crack software and SHARE it with others on open forums websites, not on my blog. You know why? Because cracking software is still illegal and it can get you in a lot of troubles. Now, did you get it?!

The Criticizer said...

Get your facts right. What makes you think I haven't shared it anywhere else? And what's in it for you even if I share it with Interpol? I know it's illegal but I don't think it'll get me into any trouble since my country, presuming that you're not from Kuwait, has a fucked up copyright law hence DVDs of movies and applications are being sold in the streets therefore what I did is nothing compared to the shit out here. The worst thing that can happen to me is removing my blog and so be it, let it get deleted. I can always start another blog and robust it back as it was since I keep backups of my template after every post.

Last but not least, look at some other blogs and you'll see that I'm not the only one who's "sharing" his cracks, tips and hints on his blog. Hell, some blogs even offer patches and downloads so why is it about me when I only had one dull crack?

Don't like it? Keep your opinions to yourself and find something sharp to sit on. Otherwise be ?man? enough and share your blog or post under a username.

Elijah said...

WOOOW I wouldn't wanna be on your wrong side!

I'm happy for u for cracking whatever it is ur talking about (not an IT person).

I kept bragging for months bout removing a firewall that was blocking yahoo messenger at work. I still have no idea what i did, but hey it worked.

Anonymous said...

Well, now that I got your attention, here is who we are: Business Software Alliance ( That was in response to "And what's in it for you even if I share it with Interpol?" And yes I am in Kuwait, and I am a Kuwaiti, and I know how fucked up things are here. But just because you don't hear about the daily busts of copyrights violators, it does not mean they are not happening, and it does not meant that the law here is not tough and getting tougher. There is still the problem of law enforcement, but this is also changing. This is because Kuwait is being pressured by the Big Boss (USA) to comply with its obligations under the WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS Agreement). And in case you don't know (probably you don't), there is a special IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) unit in the customs department. Since I deal with these people on daily basis, I know for a fact that the "worst thing that can happen" to any one is not just removing their blogs! Now, you asked me to be "man enough and share your blog or post under a username." That's not going to happen! You think I am crazy?! I already told you I don't brag. Besides my job is to monitor and report, not to share my blog entries. As for being "man enough," I find this to be very childish and typical Kuwaiti teenage stuff as in: Let's see who has the biggest dick. Now we know who does! Finally, here is something about copyright laws in Kuwait:

Just read the last paragraph

PS. You misspelled anonyShyt. It should be anonyshit. Have fun. This will be my last visit to your blog.

The Criticizer said...

elijah: I was not bragging but that guy keeps saying I did!

anonyshYt: Congrats, you're officially on the first page.

Elijah said...

No, no ,no I didn't mean u were bragging but since the word bragging was mentioned thought i'd use it to brag myself. Sorry if u misunderstood me.

BTW it's clear u weren't bragging, no one brags about being caught and then having to APOLOGIZE!

The Criticizer said...

Thanks elijah, I knew what you meant but it's hard to express like this (by writing).
I was just blaming that guy, not referring to what you wrote. ;)

Anonymous said...

hi ! .. can you tell me how can i find out how to crack that program.. i cant find your past post..
Thnks !!