Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Welcome to Jeleeb Al-Sheyokh

This is what happens when you teach in a school of juveniles.

Yesterday morning I went to work to see that our P.E. section had been robbed. The robbers broke the lock, torn our papers, damaged one desk, and stole some stuff like an air-pump, water boiler, 2 desk drawers and our tea's saffron! Yes. Saffron. Imagine THAT!!

Anyhow, our principal called 777 and one guy came to investigate the crime scene where he took pictures and finger prints.

There were two funny parts in the story:-
  1. They've left a note. [link]
    For those who don't understand arabic, it says
    "No to studying; Yes to sneaking out"

  2. Looks like one of them couldn't help some kind of internal pressure so he had to leave his "territory mark" in our bathroom, skid marks where ALL OVER THE FREAKIN' PLACE! It's utterly disgusting otherwise I would've posted a picture for you peeps.

Well, that's day 9 in my new school and it sure doesn't look promising. Dealing with junior scum of Kuwait has't been a real pleasure so far. I don't blame it on anything other than this outrageous year.


Extinct Dodo said...

hahhaha well im sure you got a laugh out of it at least... sounds like it could be one of your very own students really... didnt hand in his homework on time? avoiding having to sit exams? hmm interesting none the less

snookie said...

LOLz holy skid marks, that's awesome! :D

Elijah said...

I take back all the pep talk I gave you!

Keep working on your Web course and get the hell out of there :/ geez!!!!

Frankom said...

:: LOL !

DiiGMaa said...

OMG that is disturbing !!
Quit and go somewhere else :P

I can't believe it walla.. but thats not a sight to wake up to in the morning.. not once not even..

Quit :P

forzaq8 said...

well you got a cop and he took fingerprints , thats great :P

Intlxpatr said...

Gather all the student together. Tell them "You saw the criminalists taking the evidence. One of you left DNA in the bathroom. We will be running the tests and have the offender shortly. We have a good idea who you are. (look them all in the eye, one by one)
Then say "if you want things to go easier on you, come to the office and confess NOW. Otherwise, when we find you, it will be a severe beating, your parents will also be beaten, and thrown out of Kuwait."
Then wait and see if anyone confesses.

Me7sin said...

or go around to each kid and say ull rape them if they dont tell on their friends, and if they dont confess then rape them for real and make an example out of them

yil3an 5ayirhom min 7uthala

however, u might want to consider watching the following movies

- Dangerous minds
- high school high
- rush hour 1 and 2*

*only watch when in need of good entertaining beating techniques

Will said...

Happened once to my school, where a couple of boys broke in I suppouse. Burnt the Art section ( there was a poor fish & it died =[ )
Wrote their names or something in a couple of classrooms & on one hallway.
That was like last year.
Too bad the whole school haven't burned down hahaa jk.

The Criticizer said...

Some of the other teachers think the robbers weren't students. They're either people from out school or Bengalis who work in the school (hence the missing saffron!). :/

I really don't recommend watching what he did to the bathroom. LMAO! ;P

I cannot quit, it pays very well and I'm getting used to it. That G&WD course is just to improve my hobby and hopefully start small business beside my daily job. Meanwhile I will just ask transfer next Feb.

Go ahead and have your laugh. I envy you for not having to face them goblins each and every morning. ;P

Don't push it or else I would quit! lol .. I will ask for transfer and keep working till I finish my G&WD course. Until then, I wanna teach in Al-Feha or Qourtoba. ;P

Yeah, some CSI shYt but without the actors, tools & gadgets, nor even a decent crime scene! ;P

I wish I could do anything but our principal told us not to take any action nor do anything about the situationd, and leave this problem to the police and the administrative board. :/

LOL! Hell, I don't even want to touch them now you ask me to do THAT? LMFAO! xD
Hand me an Uzi and I'll show them. hehe .. thanks for the tip anyways. ;P

Well that's bad. Have they been caught? and lol! I bet you prayed for that last part to happen. ;P

Intlxpatr said...

Among your students, there are some who are as miserable as you are. They keep their heads down. Look for them, and provide some sanctuary for them. Maybe it's like a test, and the sooner you do good and make a difference, the sooner you get out!?

The Criticizer said...

Get out of what? :/

Well if our principal doesn't want us to get involved then be it. Honestly, neither this school nor its students worth getting in trouble.

Will said...

I haven't heard about it after the incident, I don't think they've been caught, bummer.

Lolz about the last part I actually did xD

The Criticizer said...

LOL! You will remember the benefits of school when you finish it, trust me. Almost everyone hates school but we all get to know how good it was once we grow older.

Have fun in life and good luck at school! ;P

3baid said...

What exactly did they get out of this? :/

Will said...

Hehe everyone keeps telling me that. I think I will miss it when I'm finish with it. & thanks hahaa :]

The Criticizer said...

Nothing worthy. As I mentioned, an air-pump, water boiler, and some saffron -plus- tearing our papers. :/

will: np. ;)

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD min9ijiiik?? GET OUT OF THERE!! NOWW!!!! madri shlon mista7mil a9lan!

The Criticizer said...

There are several things making me obligated to stay and one of which is that I cannot do anything to move out until next Feb. when transfer applications are available. Besides, our school administration is great so I'm quite satisfied, for now. ;P