Monday, November 13, 2006

Play Station 3 | KD 500!!

My friend told me that the new SONY Play Station 3 has arrived and is for 500KD!! That's total BullScheiße because it doesn't cost more than 260KD in the US!!!

Games (citation needed): Metal Gear | Marvell | Tony Hawk

Now I know I won't be getting one any soon.

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Yazeed said...

at that price!!
let me buy one here and send it over!

i read an article saying that the ps3 could reach $2000 and more when christmas becomes closer

The Criticizer said...

Yeah, the problem is that there are people who are willing to buy it for that price!

I say give it 6 months then go for it.

Misguided said...

wait it out... there isn't a game on the system worth that price... not now anyway.

3baid said...

It's out? I've talked with a retailer yesterday and they said they can't get a hold of one, especially prior to the holiday season.

The Criticizer said...

Misguided: Exactly. I can wait.

3baid: New image uploaded for your satisfaction. ;P

Nonaw said...

WeeeeWwwTt! Like FINALY! .. but 500KD? .. naaah imma get it from after christmas =P

Rock On Mac-o-dude \m/!! =P

Fallen Angel said...

That's a Japanese PS3. The US version will be released this Friday and Nintendo Wii this Sunday. I'm getting myself a Wii first this holiday since it's wayyyyyy cheaper. I will get a PS3 when Final Fantasy XIII releases.

Yazeed said...

they are not realeasing more ps3's in the US until spring 2007
so dont have ur hopes up if u wana get one soon, unless ur willing to pay
i saw a site that is selling the japanese version for 999$

i am wondering how they didnt run out in japan?
they only released 80,000 units!
400,000 units in the US this week, *fingers crossed*

Fonzy said...

let them shove it.. definitely not worth it... wait for a few months and they will be forced to cut prices cos if anyone buys it...... damn spolied and stupid

The Criticizer said...

nonaw: Wise thing to do.

fallen angel: I don't like that Wii console. I think PS3 outstands it in so many ways.

yazeed: Well, as long as you're willing to wait a while then I'm sure you'll get your hands on one. *fingers double crossed*

fonzy: Guess what? Around 10 peeps bought it from Al-Rihab just yesterday!
Spoiled? Maybe. Stupid? Definitely.