Saturday, November 04, 2006

This goes out to "anonyshYt"

I'll summarize to those who don't know what this is all about:-

I had a few posts on how to crack Menufela (small application that hides the menubar on Mac OS X) and it wasn't a big deal, anyone would've found out how to do it because it's damn easy. Then, out of nowhere, Mr. Anonymous comes with this reply telling me not to brag about it. I wasn't bragging.

However, somehow the owner of that application, Fjölnir Ásgeirsson (aka ninja kitten), found out and left a comment on that topic. Coincidence? Maybe. Snitched? Almost certainly. Anyways he didn't make a big deal out of it.

Then Mr. Anonymous comes back in another post and literally boasts that he told me not to brag. Heh? Are you mentally ill?! I was NOT F-ing bragging!

Anyways, after I have clarified to him that I was just sharing the method, not bragging, I got this reply:-

" Anonymous said...

Well, now that I got your attention, here is who we are: Business Software Alliance ( That was in response to "And what's in it for you even if I share it with Interpol?" And yes I am in Kuwait, and I am a Kuwaiti, and I know how fucked up things are here. But just because you don't hear about the daily busts of copyrights violators, it does not mean they are not happening, and it does not meant that the law here is not tough and getting tougher. There is still the problem of law enforcement, but this is also changing. This is because Kuwait is being pressured by the Big Boss (USA) to comply with its obligations under the WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS Agreement). And in case you don't know (probably you don't), there is a special IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) unit in the customs department. Since I deal with these people on daily basis, I know for a fact that the "worst thing that can happen" to any one is not just removing their blogs! Now, you asked me to be "man enough and share your blog or post under a username." That's not going to happen! You think I am crazy?! I already told you I don't brag. Besides my job is to monitor and report, not to share my blog entries. As for being "man enough," I find this to be very childish and typical Kuwaiti teenage stuff as in: Let's see who has the biggest dick. Now we know who does! Finally, here is something about copyright laws in Kuwait:

Just read the last paragraph

PS. You misspelled anonyShyt. It should be anonyshit. Have fun. This will be my last visit to your blog.

Now, Mr. Anonymous...

I'm glad you're doing your homework but please don't take words out of context. I can go all day long taking what I like about your reply and counter it on you but that's not me.

I am well aware of intellectual property rights. I know what I did was wrong and I did admit that by apologizing to Fjölnir Ásgeirsson (aka Ninja Kitten) but that's not the point. The point is, those laws don't work out here, and even if they do, you have sinfully contradicted yourself; you have already admitted that you crack programs all the time and you still say you work for that BSA organization? How is that?! From that I understand it's ok to do illegal stuff as long as you remain "anonymous", isn't that what you meant?

Also you admit how F~ed up the situation is out here in Kuwait so why start to argue over this dull topic while there are "shYt" loads of copyrighted materials being sold around every corner? Or just because you think you can impress me with your legitimately-overworked reply??

Anyways, I am sure you'll check back so I will not deny the fact that you're right but before you go on and judge me, start with what's out there!

Oh and about that last part of your reply, that's just hilarious. First you're from BSA (Bull "ShYt" Association, so far) now you're an English teacher? You can go back and check some of my older posts and even some of my comments to others' posts; I never use the correct term when it comes to cursing so whether I write Shit, Sh!t, ShYt or even Scheiße (that's German for you), the point will get to you in the end so don't act smart.

* For those who read the whole story and has nothing to do with it, sorry for making you read all this.


LaiaLy_q8 said...

LooL seems like a battle is going on hehehe

moocherx said...

With such an unprofessional response, I seriously doubt this 'anonymous' guy works for any intellectual property organisation. If he does (which he doesn't) he should be fired for representing his quango as a bunch of arrogant, ill-mannered, petulant school kids. I work in the software field, and have excellent contacts with various computer-related legal organisations in Europe and the US. I will be forwarding his comments, and asking whether such childish wording is the accepted standard of communication OR - as I suspect - this guy has nothing whatsoever to do with the agencies he claims to work for.
I mean - he's a twat, for goodness sakes.

Amola said...

you can brag / share and do what ever you want in your blog ! malah sh`3l .. that's the problem of the kuwaitis they dont leave you alone even in your own space!

anonyshyt dear.. GET A LIFE!

The Criticizer said...

laialy: Not really a battle but someone had to be owned. ;P

moocherx: That's what I had in mind, he said "Here's who WE ARE... etc." like he's representing that organization or he's their CEO or something. And he thinks he can justify his arrogant response by keeping his username/blog undisclosed. Pathetic.

Thanks and I truly appreciate your comment.

amola: Exactly!
And LOL @ "anonysh >> Y << t"!!

Thanks, hon. ;P

Elijah said...

Loved the title!!

I think moocherx is right, after all you're still here, arent you!

It's no ones business what u say on ur blog, we like it and we're with ya til the end :P

The Criticizer said...

elijah: Thank you! =)

Let's just hope retards like anonyScheiße would understand.

AyKay said...

I guess the finnish / swedish dude... or was he german?? but u got busted:p

but if u think about it... that crack of urs, improved his products... so u did more good than harm!

I cant believe that dude made a big hassel :p what a lozer man...


The Criticizer said...

aykay: "but if u think about it... that crack of urs, improved his products... so u did more good than harm!"

Heh, I sure hope so. Thanks for the comment.

Red said...

post whenever he tries to reply again oo may9eer 5a6rik il 6ayib P ;P

The Criticizer said...

Thanks, I appreciate the backup. ;P

Anonymous said...

ur tagged;P

Fallen Angel said...

I'm the anonymous guy...and I finally revealed myself. Be very afraid…


The Criticizer said...

fayoora: Done.

fallen angel: I KNEW IT WAS YOU!

lol, naahhh.. Don't humiliate yourself. He's not even worthy of making fun of.