Monday, November 13, 2006

Promoting another Blogger | Elijah

Ripped | fayoora's idea.

Why you should read for elijah:-
  1. She's from Kuwait. She's Jordanian living in Kuwait.
  2. She's an English teacher. (they're all cool!)
  3. She makes sense when she posts.
  4. She contributes to others' blogs.
  5. Seems like I'm the only one commenting on her blog.
  6. She did the tags I tagged her with & she hates me for it. :P
  7. It wouldn't harm you to check her blog.


Elijah said...

just to name a few of the mixed feelings i got when i read this post!

1. Actually, I'm from Jordan.
2. thanx :P
3. seriously?

5. honestly and stupidly when i started the blog i had no idea that ANYONE would ever see it, it's an honor to receive comments from you :D
6. You're absolutely right *plots a tag for u* :P

Anonymous said...

Promote For me ba3ad 0:)

Wiiizzzz .. Goes to read For Elijah ;P

Btw Elijah .. i do remember passing through ur blog :P
bas what i wanted to comment on .. kan 6ayef 3alaih One whole month ;P
Fa gilt askit a7sanli ehehe

Elijah said...

criticizer : forgot to add that this was so sweet of you :P

forgive me i'm gonna reply to fayoora here.

fayoora: thanx, actually the same happened with me, but don't worry u can comment on whatever month u want :D

Adorra said...

orrite then :-D

The Criticizer said...

1- *Goes to edit*
2- No problem.
3- Yep
5- Thank you!
6- Allah yastir!! :P

And don't mention it. ;P

fayoora: Hah! You're a celebrity!! You have your own fan base and you're a friend of SuperMe7sin, tell me you're not famous? :P

adorra: ;)