Monday, October 30, 2006

Menufela Part 2 | 3baid

Guess what, it wasn't that hard after all!
To make it permanent just do the old steps then:-
- [ options + i ] @ is.ninjakitten.menufela.plist

- Change "Ownership & Permissions" to "Read Only".

- Tick on the "Locked" box under "General".

There, you're done!

Menufela seems to be updating that .plist file so I thought if it's possible to force the program not to update that file while it still has access then it won't have any problem so I figured out to manipulate with its Permissions and I tell you, after around 2 hours of experimenting, rebooting and reading further info on changing permissions, it worked!

The funny part is that I was trying so hard to update that file's permissions using chmod command in Terminal by following instructions on my O'Reilly book but then I thought to myself "Wait a sec! I can change it easily using File Info!!". lol.

Ok I admit that was stupid but at least I came up with the solution and that what really counts, right? ;P


3baid said...

Did you try to run Disk Utility and attempt to repair permissions? Does it reset this setting back to read/write? :P

The Criticizer said...

I just did and nothing happened.
I even tried clicking on Menufela's pane icon on my system preferences, the menubar got stirred a bit but nothing happened. It kept hiding without any problems although I got THIS message. ;p

CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said...

shit...i missed a lot of your posts...I am reading all now.

aptiva said...

Thanks, I'll make sure to fix this issue in the next version...

- Fjölnir Ásgeirsson Aka Ninja Kitten

3baid said...


The Criticizer said...

aptiva: Now I know I won't be updating this version, LOL! Ok, I had to laugh but seriously, I wish you all the best with your application(s), I really do. But can I make a suggestion? If yes then can you PLEASE come up with something to expand/extend the menubar so it can hold more menu items?

If you come up with that application (menu expansion) I will donate even more than what you're asking for and I'll run menufela clean. You have my word.

3baid: The exact expression. *sly*