Sunday, October 22, 2006

Going for Graphics & Web Design diploma

Yesterday I have signed up for graphics and web design diploma course at T.D.I. (Technology Domain Institute). Their graphics & web design course includes:-

  • Language course:-
    - Introductory English for I.T. | 40 hours

  • ICDL course:-
    - Introduction to Information Technology (89%)
    - MS Windows XP | 10 hours (89%)
    - MS Word 2003 | 10 hours (89%)
    - MS Excel 2003 | 10 hours (90%)
    - MS Access 2003 | 10 hours (89%)
    - MS PowerPoint 2003 | 10 hours (94%)
    - MS Outlook 2003 & Internet | 10 hours (94%)

  • Courses in Graphics:-
    - Adobe Photoshop CS2 - Beginning level | 30 hours
    - Adobe Photoshop CS2 - Advanced level | 30 hours
    - Adobe Illustrator CS2 - Beginning level | 20 hours
    - Adobe Illustrator CS2 - Advanced level | 20 hours
    - MS Publisher 2003 | 10 hours
    - Adobe InDesign CS2 | 30 hours
    - Macromedia FreeHand MX 2004 | 20 hours
    - 3D Studio Max 7.0/8.0 (3D design) | 40 hours

  • Graphics project through everything learned | 20 hours

  • Web Design courses (Pro. CIW Designer):-
    - CIW Foundations | 30 hours
    --+ Internet Business Foundations
    --+ Site Development Foundations
    --+ Network Technology Foundations

    - CIW Site Designer | 30 hours
    --+ Design Methodology & Technology

    - CIW E-Commerce Designer | 30 hours
    --+ E-Commerce Strategies & Practices

  • Advanced WebDesign courses (Master CIW Designer)
    - Adobe Macromedia Flash 8 Advanced level | 20 hours
    - Adobe Macromedia Flash 8 ActionScript | 20 hours
    - Adobe Macromedia DreamWeaver 8 | 20 hours

  • Web Design project through everything learned | 20 hours

    Total Hours:-
    Two hours a day, five days a week.
    500 through one year.

    - English for I.T., introductory level certificate.
    - ICDL pass certicate from UNESCO.
    - Certificate for each course/program passed.
    - ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) certificate from Adobe, USA.
    - International "Master CIW Designer" certificate from CIW, USA.
    - Diploma certificate in Graphics & Design from AUC (American University of Cairo, Egypt)
    --+ Diploma approved by PAAET (The Public Authority for Applied Education & Training, Kuwait)

    Course in Figuer$: 1,850 KD (Books + Free Laptop included)
    * Can be paid in installments: 350KD down payment + 150KD per month.

    Starting: Oct. 28, 2006.

    Why I signed up? Taking my internet knowledge to the next level and consuming my spare time in something good. Hopefully to start a small business afterwards.

    Wish me LUCK!

    PS: Does this ring any bells, snookie? ;P


    Frankom said...

    :: Good luck :) tell me about the "Free" laptop

    wish u the best (:

    Me7sin said...

    good luck P ;P keep us updated on ur first day LOL

    The Criticizer said...

    frankom: Thanks.
    It's not really "free" since the course was for KD1480 just a few months ago when I asked about it but now it's more like KD350+ just because they have this new laptop offer. Besides, I don't think it's really worth it because I'm used to Mac and the laptop will be Acer although something is better than nothing and I might get some use out of it otherwise I'll just give it to my lil' sister. :|

    me7sin: Thanks. Will do.

    Anonymous said...


    CyberRowdy said...

    shoooooooot thats damn expensive...this is the prob in kuwait...such training are very expensive

    The Criticizer said...

    Fayoora: Thanks.

    Cyber: It is but as long as I'm paying in installlments, it is not a problem since I don't have any other depts to pay.

    moocherx said...

    good luck. i'll give you a tip on the English for IT (I'm english, and work in IT). Every user is stupid, so all you need to know is "No, don't click that. Click what I said. Look, give it here I"ll just do it myself".

    The Criticizer said...

    LOL @ Moocherx!!11one... xD

    I'll keep that in mind, thanks for the hint. :P

    snookie said...

    yes it does! we talked about in q8speed! :D

    good luck bro *thumbs up* too bad they dont have a seperate course for macs :/

    The Criticizer said...

    Yeah, all their work is on Windows. I cannot afford the retard~ness fo Windows but there's nothing I can do. And the most annoying part is that I have to have the ICDL course, which is all abouts Windows shYt. :/

    Thanks for the wishes and good luck to you on your studies. ;)

    Hamza said...

    Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D MAX, and flash..that's awesome..just make sure you buy an extra brain to handle all this..loool

    The Criticizer said...

    Actually my brain functions only when it comes to that kind of stuff. I should have studied that at college but my GPA didn't help. ;P

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