Friday, December 08, 2006

Porsche Cayenne | Refined

The second version of Porsche Cayenne has finally came out to reality. With some minor touches in both the front and back end of the car, you can easily distinguish it from its old successor.

This model stands out with sportier head lights, larger grill, unique fog lights, revamped back lights and exhaust tips, and best of all, the all new engine setups for each model range.

Now for me I didn't like the old Cayenne by looking at its pictures all over the net but until I saw it cruising around here in Kuwait I realized that it really looks amazingly atrocious in a great way. I rate it as the second best looking SUV there is. (1st place goes to Range Rover Sport, hands up). However, my love had been flushed down with the flood of them; seems like everyone has a Cayenne! But now with a new model coming out soon, I'm starting to like it once again. As long as it remains unique of course.

Update: I've just realized that this is post #100! (Yay! ;P)


Elijah said...

WOW!! Now you're talking :P

Frankom said...

:: I dont know why i hate this car soooooo much ?! lots of SUVs are much better than this

Elijah said...

Congrats on 100 :P

I'm gonna pretend I didn't read Frankom's comment ;P

Will said...

Looks good. But I don't like SUVs with big backs like that =\

Jacqui said...

Akhaaaih! My first love was a Porsche bas then I fell in love with Jaguars and now both are my first loves :P Hehehe and Ferrari is a guilty pleasure :P

But it looks hot... Yalla give it a few years and I'll get one ;P By then a retro new look will hopefully be out ;P

Anonymous said...

It looks wa7sh. they gave the new Cayenne a bold look. That's good cuz the current model looks so fiminine :)

Fhaid said...

Absolutely brilliant!! love it !!

The Criticizer said...

That's whispering. I'd be talking when I get my hands on one.
And thanks! ;P

To each his own taste. ;)

All SUVs have large backs, unless you're talking about Suzuki or KIA! ;P

Hehe .. Exactly! When a new model comes out head for older models, especially wit Porsche. ;P

I hate Jags, btw. :/

How feminine? 0_o
It's all muscles. :/

Ditto. ;P