Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Maki | *ugh*

Yesterday I had dinner at Maki and to be honest it wasn't good at all. I heard a lot about how delicious their food is but it turned out to be nothing close to what I've heard, in fact it was absolutely the contrary which is utterly disgusting! We've ordered a large variety of dishes but none of them was tasty to me, not even slightly. And the price is a whole another story; I think we paid for the stylish look of their "decorated" food and the calm environment of the restaurant, but not the taste of the food itself.

Now you don't want to take my words for granted because this counts as my first experience with Japanese food.


Elijah said...

Aaaw poor you that happened to me at Sarai, just thinking about their food makes me want to barf again.
I haven't tried Maki but I tried Hashi and I liked it, it's a bit strange in the beginning but then you get to like it. It's a bit expensive too and you need a manual on how to use chopsticks :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

*ugh* x2 ;P

Purgatory said...

Maki sucks.

Extinct Dodo said...

its an acquired taste and you prolly went with other amateurs who didnt know what to order

next time take a pro to give you a real japanese cuisine tour :P maybe purgs would do you the honor

EniGma said...

I never tried Japanese food. Madri, the smeel of it is like

I love Hashi though. One of my favorite restaurants

EniGma said...


The Criticizer said...

Chopsticks weren't a problem, I got the concept of using them and it turned out pretty easy, but the food itself tastes like expired cheese and smelly fish! *puke* :/

fayoora & purgatory:
Glad someone agrees because people are bloating Maki way too much.

The amateurs I went with eat at Maki at least once a week, it was because of them I had to try it otherwise I wouldn't want to be caught dead eating sushi. I'm a conservative when it comes to trying new food.

Never tried Hashi, and probably never will. But what do you recommend on the list? Just in case if ever I had to be stuck there.

EniGma said...

I don't remember the names of the dishes, I need to see the menu 2 remember! But it's japanese/chinese, oo the things I order are more chinese. Next time I go I'll try 2 remember the names.
Athkir once my friend yabat ly take away min Maki, I don't know what she brought but everything was NASTY esta'3farallah wai333

The Criticizer said...

Nasty indeed, allah edeem el ni3ma. :/

Anonymous said...

Too bad if ur first exp with Japanese food sucks....try sakura..

The Criticizer said...

Where's that?

Honey™ said...

mmmmmmmmmm !


The Criticizer said...

It's a matter of taste and I'm a bit picky when it comes to food. ;P

cajie said...

Can't we all just eat nice juicy steaks and live happily ever after?

If it was the intention from higher authorities that we should eat raw fish, why were we given the gift of fire?

The Criticizer said...

You're officially my personal hero. Hope them sushi junkies would learn from your wisdom.

um-miT3ib said...

im officailly offended;P