Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Deutsche Polizei ging WÜTEND

Based on the world's fastest sedan, this elegant police car has the upper hand when it comes to pursuing speeders.

Known as Brabus Rocket, this CLS-based Mercedes-Benz S Rocket growls with 6.3 liter BiTurbo V12 engine capable of producing 730 hp and go up to the speed of 362 km/h.

Yet another reason to join the police force.

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Elijah said...

I saw it this morning on the MSN site, and I was sure you were gonna post about it :)

Why don't u just join those Formula races, instead of joining the police force :P

The Criticizer said...

LOL! Yeah, you caught me. ;P

I don't like F1 races. Stock car racing and drag racing is what I like the most. But, if you have "was6a" to sign me in a Formula racing you'll be much appreciated. ;)

Anonymous said...


Chinna Italy Have lambos? or nisait what country was that ..

Btw.. Is Blogger Beta working properly with you?

The Criticizer said...

Yes, in Italy they have Lamborghini Gallardo.

No problems at all.
Blogger is no longer on Beta, this is the new improved version of Blogger.

Why? Are you facing any problems with it?

Elijah said...

mac explain please. What do you mean it's no longer on beta? What am I using then?

And let me check my contacts...

*dials* they said:

When you take me out to the dinner you promised me, then they'll let you in xD lol

The Criticizer said...

LOL!! Ok ok, just make sure I get to drive beside Michael Schumacher. :P turned into Beta Blogger while they were upgrading their services and now that everything has been updated they have canceled the Beta part. Now they're back to

Elijah said...

All comes with a price.

VERY expensive = next to Schumacher

expensive = some other dude

cheap = me ;(

Elijah said...

About blogger, but nothing changed before beta I was able to change the font and size and to choose the position of the post- like the middle or I can't :/

Anonymous said...

Ohh .. ok i get it ..
la im not facing anything , it works just fine ..

Bas the Last picture i uploaded before la they "cancel the beta part"
got canceld too ;P

bas now its Fine hehe thnx for the info though

The Criticizer said...

Cheap is fine with me. ;P

Get used to html tags. They're easy and you can use them anytime without having to look for shortcut buttons.

You're welcome.

I don't use Blogger uploader. Always been linking from

iKuwait said...

i wouldn't mind joining the police force in germany, just for the ride

The Criticizer said...

Sign me up with you. :P