Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hot widget | ThinkFree

"View ThinkFree or Microsoft Office word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation files without having any other office applications installed. After installing the appropriate Widget simply drag and drop files from your desktop, or copy and paste the Web URL into the ThinkFree Widget." *

* ThinkFree homepage [link]
----- Officially posted on TUAW


Elijah said...

LOOOOOOOL Mac this is hilarious xD I'm literally laughing out loud.

I had to format my laptop so Microsoft Office is gone now, and I remembered seeing this, so I tried it.

Guess what it told me?
'since we are 'neat-freaks' we already saved the widget thingy in 'My Documents' hahahaha

Are you sure you had nothing to do with it? :P Bear with me I'm silly I know hehehe ;P

thanx it's neat.

The Criticizer said...

LMAO!!! Don't look at me, I have nothing to do with it! Hehe! xD

Glad you like it. ;)

Elijah said...

This isn't funny anymore x< they're scaring me just sitting there on the desktop staring at me, maaaammmmyyyy!

The Criticizer said...

I don't know how they look on Windows but on Mac they're always "one call away" .. just press F12 and TADAA! xD

Elijah said...

On Windows they're on the desktop, I can't find the thing that hides them and when I press F8 they pop up on their own without the desktop icons. I'll figure sthg out.